Veg Jalfrezi is a lachkedar vegatable India sabji. By the way, it’s Jalfrezi and not jalfarebi because it means something else.😛😝😜 The recipe is a combo of a variety of fresh veggies.

Moreover, it is flavoured with tangy tomato puree & sauce. Not only this but there’s an interesting fact about veg jalfrezi.

The unique style of making this recipe is based on Indo-Chinese street curry cuisine. It includes traditional Chinese stir-frying techniques. Similarly, our veg jalfrezi matches the traditional Chinese style.

Our recipe has a hint of Indian Spices. Additionally, it is served as a main course item with roti or naan bread. Depending on the choice, you can serve veg jalfrezi with dal chaval. I love this combo.😍🥰

Ground Spices & Powdered Masala

For tempering, we will use cumin, dry red chilli & vinegar. The reason why we are using vinegar is to tender the vegetables. Similarly, tomatoes will go in the form of puree & sauce. Both of them together will give a tangy, sour & sweet taste.

Chilli powder, turmeric powder, salt & garam masala are the common add-ons. I have added garam masala in the end. Watch the recipe video. Typically, we add during the tempering process.

But that’s not the case here. I didn’t want to burn it in the first place. I liked the raw flavour of this masala powder.


Indeed, we are making the main course Indian sabji, so there are a lot of veggies here.

For instance, potato, french beans, cauliflower, onion, capsicum & carrot are a few. If you want to substitute a vegetable of your choice, go ahead.

Additionally, we will garnish the veg jalfrezi using fresh coriander.


Ginger is a part of green masala, aka हरा मसाला. The green chilli paste & ginger-garlic paste also falls in this category. However, instead of crushed ginger, we will use vertically slit ones. Looks nice. Try it.

3 Step Process to Make Veg Jalfrezi

First, don’t avoid making this sabji because of too many ingredients. There are just three steps involved in the entire making process.

The first step is to prepare the tadka, aka tempering base. Here we will add vinegar so that later on, we can smoothly tender the veggies. Since we are not boiling the veggies, vinegar will help us cut the cooking time. Moreover, it will also take away the rawness of the vegetables.

The second step is to add all the ground spice & masala powders. Add all the masala once the temper is ready with roasted cumin fragrance. Saute all of them on low flame because high flames will immediately burn them. Low flame allows the ingredients to mingle up nicely & release their flavour & aroma.

The third step is to add all the vegetables & cook them. Add water so that it doesn’t burn out. Add cheese as needed. Cover with a lid & allow it to cook on low flame. Keep stirring in between & especially check at the bottom.

Tips for Restaurant Style Jalfrezi

  • Do not boil vegetables. Otherwise, they will lose their natural aroma and texture. Instead, soak veggies in hot water for 5 minutes off the stove.
  • Covering up with a lid expedites the cooking process.
  • Use a nonstick pan or pot that has a thick bottom.
  • You can use heavy cream or milk cream instead of cheese.
  • Instead of vinegar, you can go with lemon juice.
  • Add Kasuri methi if available in the tempering for a rich taste.
  • Urad dal is famous for its nutty flavour. Go for it. Add in the tadka.