Aloo Methi Bhaji is a versatile dish. Let me explain it to you. How? I have several reasons to say likewise. You can either eat it for breakfast or carry it in the office tiffin.

Furthermore, it can be packed in the school lunch box too. Even travellers take aloo methi sabji with them during a long journey.

Hence, we can say that aloo methi ki sabji fits all occasions. The question is – Whether or not it’s easy to make? Of course, it is a simple recipe that requires less time and minimum ingredients.

Few more reasons to say aloo methi sabji is versatile

It fits both breakfast & main course menus. Besides, you can eat aloo methi sabji with puri, paratha, thepla, roti and even with bread.

Now, if you have experienced travelling via train, you might have come across railway stations selling aloo bhaji. Their typical style of serving this sabji is in a paper dish. We call it baj-dadiya in Gujarat.

Besides, aloo methi bhaji or say aloo bhaji is also a favourite among street food hawkers. Not because they like eating it, but it sells like hot cake.

Street hawkers here in my home town serve lunch items in the textile market areas & near corporate offices. They serve aloo methi bhaji (with puri) along with dal-chaval or kadhi-chaval.

In this way, aloo bhaji remains at the top of the menu, be it a roadside eatery or a restaurant. I call it – सब्जी एक खाने के तरीके अनेक

Aloo Methi Bhaji Ingredients

Just two words I would like to quote here – Minimal & Available. The reason why I am telling you this is big. Certain recipes require a ton of ingredients.

Moreover, the process is lengthy too—for example, Undhiyu, Papdi Muthiya, etc. You can check for yourself how long these recipes are and the number of items used in there.

Anyway, the story is different here with Aloo Methi Bhaji. Less (ingredient) is more.

Two-level ingredients are used. First, items used for tempering. Like oil, mustard, green chilli with paste, ginger & garlic. Then comes the second level of ingredients for flavour & taste, like turmeric, coriander, salt & curd.

Main Ingredients

The necessary items here are boiled potato & fenugreek leaves (methi). You, me & everyone else know the health benefits of eating methi. Fenugreek or methi benefits is not what I am pointing at. It’s the mildly-bitter taste of this vegetable that I like. Indian kitchen use methi in a variety of formats. Kasuri methi is one of them.

Curd – My Secret Ingredient

Dahi, aka Curd, is my secret ingredient because it gives a unique texture to the recipe. Besides, I love to make sabji a bit lachkedar instead of making it dry. Due to this reason, I add little water and more curd.

As a result, you get a tangy taste which compromises the bitterness of methi. The quantity of curd depends on your preference. A little more or less won’t ruin the recipe. Hence, use it bindas-ly. Emoji.

This Aloo Methi Bhaji is:

  • Quick & one of the easiest recipe you will ever make.
  • A versatile recipe used for lunch, dinner & breakfast.
  • It is made using readily available items in your kitchen.
  • A hassle-free recipe that requires minimal cook time.
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