Kathiyawadi Style Padi Muthiya Recipe is a traditional Gujarati Recipe made with steamed dumplings and broad beans (papdi). A healthy and tasteful recipe specially made by Gujarati people during winter.

Dumplings made with flat beans 3 types of flours(besan, bajra, and maida), fresh fenugreek (methi) and curry made with fresh green flat beans a bunch of Indian spices.

Green Flat Beans/Papdi raises your body temperature and provides you with important nutrients required by it. They also die in losing weight loss and a rich source of protein.

These foods have many health benefits: helpful to Diabetic patients. Provide stronger bones. Great for pregnant women because rich in folic acid.

The tangy taste will make you long for more. This is a boon for newly wedded women. If you wanna impress your mother-in-law then this is gonna be your recipe. Steamed dumplings that just melt in your mouth.