Kathiyawadi Style Padi Muthiya Recipe is a traditional Gujarati Recipe made with steamed dumplings and broad beans (papdi). A healthy and tasteful recipe specially made by Gujarati people during winter.

Dumplings made with flat beans, three types of flours(besan, bajra, and maida), fresh fenugreek (methi), and curry made with fresh green flat beans are many Indian spices.

Green Flat Beans/Papdi raises your body temperature and provides you with essential nutrients required by it. But, unfortunately, they also die in losing weight loss and a rich source of protein.

These foods have many health benefits: helpful to Diabetic patients. Provide stronger bones. Great for pregnant women because rich in folic acid.

The tangy taste of this Papdi Muthiya will make you long for more. It is a boon for newly wedded women. If you want to impress your mother-in-law, then this is going to be your recipe. Steamed dumplings that melt in your mouth.

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