Guar dhokli is a traditional Gujarati dish in which cluster beans and flour dumplings are cooked with spices. This dish is easy, stomach-filling, delicious and healthy.

Dhoklis are similar to pasta. So you can also consider it as an Indian version of pasta. To not get bored, you can always make changes in the ingredients of dhokli.

Guar is rich in iron and fiber. So it is not only tasty but this also makes it a healthy recipe.

Guar is a bit bitter in taste. Therefore, jaggery and/or lemon juice is added to it for balance. Sometimes, even sugar can be used in the recipe for the same.

Some people like to eat this dish dry. Whereas, some like to eat it with its curry. Both ways are fine depending on how you want to eat it. It is served with roti or phulka.

The combination of guar and dhokli is not common. Yet, the presence of ajwain and ginger & garlic makes it more flavorsome.

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