Dal Dhokli is a lip-smacking traditional dish belonging to Gujarati cuisine. It is a one-pot meal dish of toor dal along with sweet and spicy wheat dough dumplings.

Dal Dhokli is an all-time favourite and the ultimate comfort food for Gujaratis. It is a delightful recipe you can have any time.

Though the recipe is quite lengthy with so many ingredients, don’t freak out. The dish is worth the effort when preparing from scratch.

People prepare different versions of this dish in other regions in India. For example, Dal dhokli in Gujarat and Rajasthan and Varan phal or chakolya in Maharashtra.

This recipe can provide a perfect break to homemakers as they use leftover dal to prepare this dish. An excellent way to have a home-cooked meal with little effort. And they can also use the leftover dough to make parathas for breakfast out of it. Great, isn’t it!

You can avoid using jaggery if you want; that will make this a Rajasthani version. And you also can add kokum like its Maharashtrian version to make it more tangy and flavorful. Moreover, you can make this with different dal like moong or urad dal.

Gujaratis savour this dish with rice usually. But having this dish just as it is will make no difference. On the contrary, it might taste even better and be more enjoyable.

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