Suva bhaji is a tasty and healthy stir-fry recipe we can find in Gujarati and Marathi cuisine. It is spicy in taste and also pungent a little.

Suva bhaji is named Dill in the English language and Shepu in Marathi. This is a recipe we also find in Marathi cuisine as Shepuchi Bhaji.

This recipe has high nutritional value as the bhaji is rich in vitamin A. Whereas, you are going to get the necessary amount of protein from the lentils. Also, the lentils add a crunch to the recipe, making it more pleasing.

The proper measurement of the ingredients is to be kept in mind. If not then the dish may lose the texture or can become mushy. Then it will not be that enjoyable.

This dish is very convenient to have in the lunch box. We can relish it in dinner along with hot phulkas or rotis. Or have it with bhakri and Bharli Vangi or add it to a meal of Varan Bhaat for a comforting weekday meal.

You can try making this sabzi with potatoes instead of moong dal. Or it is a nice option too to make pakodas of it.

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