Sev Tameta with Bajra No Rotlo is a quick and straightforward Kathiyawadi (in Gujarati) recipe. It is a spicy and sweet tomato curry with the crispiness of sev.

It is comfort food and a very homely recipe. And is also very commonly made in every Gujarati household.

The curry in itself is delicious. But the addition of the sev gives a lot of texture, flavor, and some crunch in the recipe. The bajra no rotlo completes the meal.

This recipe is quick-to-make and does not require many efforts. The ingredients are usually available in every kitchen, except for sev some times. But that you can buy from almost anywhere, and also of your own choice.

Here we have used onion and garlic in the curry. However, you can skip adding them to it. It will not make much difference in the recipe and taste of it.

We have made this with Bajra no rotlo, but it can be any other thing. You can serve them with chapati, phulkas, jowar roti, thepla, etc. It will even taste good with bread too.

You can always count on the Sev Tameta with Bajra No Rotlo to make when you need to fill your stomach but not want to cook much.

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