Papdi Dhokli is an all-time favourite for people in Gujarat.  It has a sour and spicy taste with a tinge of sweetness in it.

Gujarati’s highly consume papdi in the winter season as it is a primarily seasonal vegetable. Other names for Papdi are field beans, broad beans in English and Val papdi, valour, sem ki phalli in different Indian languages.  Valour papdi is also part of many recipes in regions of Maharashtra and South India.

Even though it uses simple and familiar ingredients, it has a unique flavour.  Adding Dhoklis in the sabzi enhances the dish’s taste way more because it cooks.

This mouth-watering sabzi of papdi also has a high nutritious value. Papdi is very rich in iron and helps increase hemoglobin if consumed more daily.

Dhokli is an easy, delicious and healthy dish. Dhokli is also called the Indian version of pasta. It is a versatile dish that we cook with many vegetables. For example, Dhoklis goes well with papdi or flats beans.

We can eat Papdi Dhokli on any occasion or any time of the day. One can serve Papdi Dhokli with phulkas or bajra rotis or jawar roti and accompany it with salads.

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