Gujarati winter recipes are outrageous and have amazing flavors. All the dishes are unique in itself and many of it has health benefits too.

When winter arrives, our elders come into full action and make some lovely, healthy, delicious foods for us. These traditional food help us to bear the cold and dry weather and provide us with immunity.

This happens in every Indian corner. Every Indian state has its winter recipes to celebrate and enjoy the winter season.

In Winter, Gujarati people tend to eat heavy foods that help them get some inner warmth.  These include dishes made from jaggery, barley, millets, etc. The taste of Gujarati recipes is a mixture of sweet and sour.

The reason behind this is that these foods are heavy and take a huge amount of digestion time and thus provide us with inner warmth.

Bringing you with 40 Gujarati Winter recipes to warm you up. We are sharing some of the most cooked winter recipes by Gujarati moms and Nani’s for more than years.

Let’s unfold the most treasured Gujarati winter recipes.

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Gujarati Winter Lunch Recipes 

1. Papdi Dhokli


Papdi Dhokli is a sour and spicy Gujarati sabji. Papdi is highly consumed in winter season and it’s a seasonal vegetable. This recipe is simple to make & has unique flavors. Also, Papdi is rich in iron that helps increase hemoglobin.

2. Papdi Muthiya 

Papdi Muthiya is a kathiyawadi style traditional meal recipe made with steamed dumplings & broad besan. The taste is tangy and perfect for winter dinners.

3. Lasaniya Batata Shaak

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This is spicy & delicious curry with the taste of red chilies. It has the best flavor made with garlic & potato sauteed in spices. It is something that soothes your evening dinner.

4. Surti Papdi Undhiyu

Surti Papdi Undhiyu is a Gujarati traditional winter recipe. People especially eat during frozen days. It’s a mix of all seasonal vegetables like green peas, cauliflower, papdi, sweet potato, and brinjal. Gujarati families especially eat during Kite flying festival.

5. Gajar Hara Chana Sabji

Gajar Hara Chana Sabji is easy to make the recipe. It’s healthy and kids will also enjoy the aroma. During winters, carrots are fresh in the market and also green chickpeas. So, it will make a good vegetable dish.

6. Dal Dumplings Gravy

dal dumplings Dal Dumplings Gravy is a unique dal from South India. It’s a spicy and tummy-filling recipe. The gravy is soothing thick, hearty and protein-rich. The dal taste is sour with coconut flavor. A must try Gujarati winter recipe.

7. Chickpea Curry

chickpea curry Chickpea Curry is a delicious recipe also called as Kadala Curry recipe. It’s an authentic recipe for the winter season. Crunchy chickpeas mixed with vegetables taste so good.

8.Gobi Methi Sabji

Gobi Methi Sabji is a healthy Gujarati winter recipe. It’s nutritional and has various health benefits. Methi is very good during the winter season. It has a bitter taste and when mixed with herbs and spices, the flavors come out naturally.

9. Brinjal Gravy

Brinjal Gravy

Brinjal Gravy is an authentic Gujarati winter recipe. It’s delightful, healthy and has a sour taste. It goes well with steamed rice, idli, and dosa.

10. Methi Papad

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Methi Papad is a spicy & gravy sabji best suitable during lunchtime. It’s an iron-rich sabji.  Methi has a lot of health benefits like lowering blood sugar best for breastfeeding mothers. It is bitter yet tasty as it looks.

Gujarati Winter Dinner Recipes:

1. Adhiya Pak 

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Adhiya Pak is a traditional Gujarati recipe. It is made to keep one’s body warm during chilly winters. It is made out of Urad Dal roasted in Ghee along with some nuts. You can have it after you complete your dinner.

2. Handvo

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Handvo is spicy rice & lentil cake very much famous in Gujarati cuisine. Spicy food is necessary during winters and it just makes a different taste in chilled winters having Garma Garam Handvo at home. Perfect time to spend with food.

3. Khichu 

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Khichu is Gujarati traditional recipe you can enjoy in a quick time. It is cooked with rice flour dough mixed with some spices. It is soft that you can enjoy hot served. This is the best winter recipe to have some spicy food.

4. Dudhi Muthiya

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Dudhi Muthiya is a steamed recipe to enjoy during winter days. It is made of green chilies, coriander & ginger to give it a zesty flavor. The Muthiya recipe is tasty & and scrumptious to have it as a light dinner.

5. Dal Dhokli 

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Dal Dhokli is a spicy, sweet & gravy recipe made of wheat flour perked with spices. It is good after your gym or walks sessions to boost your body energy. It is full of protein and one can enjoy it during chilly winters.

6. Palak Muthiya 

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Palak Muthiya is steamed and serve hot with amazing seasoning. It tastes fresh and keeps your mood up. The dumplings are made of spinach, a worth-trying dish.

7. Patra 

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Patra is a tasty & delicious Gujarati recipe to try once in a lifetime. It is a little sweet as well as spicy. The recipe is loved by kids. It is an amazing light recipe to enjoy during dinner time. Just pour some lemon drops on it and have it with onion salad & enjoy these amazing small rolls.

8. Sabudana Khichdi

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Sabudana Khichdi is a popular Farali recipe in Gujaratis. It is a lightweight recipe that just fills your stomach with amazing flavors. It is a vegan and gluten-free dish. This khichdi gets ready in less than 15 minutes. Navratri festival generally takes place in the winter season. And many people are doing fast. At that time, all the Gujarati households are preparing this yummy khichdi.

9. Khasta Kachori Moong Dal

Source: Rajshri Foods

Khasta Kachori Moong Dal is scrumptious Gujarati food that is enjoyed by all Gujarati households. The dumplings are made of moong dal and then fried in the oil. The filling is so yummy and tasty you can enjoy an appetizer with your dinner.

10. Puran Poli 

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Puran Poli is a dessert recipe enjoyed during wintertime. When the festivals take place, nobody can forget this. It is made with chana dal, flour, cardamom & sugar. The taste is outrageous.

11. Undhiyu

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It is a winter delicacy recipe. It is a popular Surat Dish. A perfect blend of all the seasonal veggies in a pot with the fire on the top. It is also a December wedding season hot favorite dish.

12. Gajar Ka Halwa

gajar ka halwa recipe Winter is here and Gajar Ka Halwa is not there- not possible at all. People make Gajar Ka Halwa at home especially during winters because our skin gets dry in winter & it helps moisturize your skin.

13. Baigan Bharta

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It is an aromatic flavor dish enjoy during this winter. The Baigan is studded with garlic and roasted on the open flame. They will just blow in your mouth like a crackling star in the sky.

14. Moong Dal Chilla

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Moong dal chilla is an Indian pancake made with moong dal & spices. It is wonderful Gujarati food that goes well with dinner. It is very easy to make & a powerhouse of nutrition.

15. Desi Chana Masala

Desi Chana Masala is a full-flavored sabji recipe. The Bengal gram is very healthy and protein-rich. It’s a perfect winter recipe with a tangy and spicy taste. It’s a tummy-filling dinner that you will enjoy with all your heart.

Gujarati Winter Snack recipes:

1. Date Fritters

date fritters

Date Fritters are sweet indulgence, deep-fried, and nutritional fritter recipe. Also, they are amazing for child’s growth. It’s a healthy Gujarati snack recipe and tummy-filling.

2. Murmura Laddu

Murmura Laddu is a traditional Gujarati sweet snack recipe. It’s an ideal winter recipe due to festival celebrations. Puffed rice is light on the stomach and low in calories. It’s a healthy choice for kids and even gym freaks.

3. Peanut Jaggery Laddu


Peanut Jaggery Laddu is a crunchy, delightful, nutritional Gujarati snack recipe. It’s the only a three-ingredient recipe. Gujarati people use peanuts in many sauces and chutney as it gives a twist in recipes. There are many ways to make Peanut Laddu, watch out in the video.

4. Til Gud Laddu

Til Gud Laddu is a sweet snack winter recipe. It provides energy, warmth that you need during the cold season. Sesame and Jaggery are combined together in this recipe. It’s crispy and on the go snack at any time.

5. Gujarati Sukhdi/Gur Papdi

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Sukhdi is a famous sweet item in Gujarati cuisine which is made in the winter season. It’s a three-ingredient recipe & very easy to make. The jaggery is responsible for dilating the blood vessels and increasing the blood flow.

6. Methi Muthiya

Methi Muthiya with homemade sauce is a Gujarati fusion snack recipe. Methi Muthiya is soft inside and crispy outside best to eat during the winter season. The taste is little spicy, sweet and tangy due to homemade sauce. Check out the video for this recipe.

7. Stuffed Kapuria With Green Cheese Sauce

Stuffed Kapuria With Green Cheese Sauce is a delicious Gujarati recipe. The Kapuria are so soft that just melts in your mouth. The green cheese sauce elevates the overall taste. Watch out the video for a unique presentation.

8. Thepla

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Thepla is an amazing Indian bread dish. It is the best food and we are telling you reasons-perfect travel food because you can keep for at least 2 months. It fills your tummy for the next 3 hours so you can have it as morning breakfast too & it can be lunch box idea also.

9. Ginger Tea

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During winter times, Ginger tea is the best solution for instant care. If you are suffering from cold then this will be a good choice to drink in the morning. You will also feel joyful after sipping it and enjoy the aroma of it.

10. Onion Rings

crispy-onion-rings Onion Rings are a perfect snack recipe to satisfy your taste buds. Craving to all your solutions. These are yummy and serve with tomato sauce. Best for an evening snacks.

11. Farali Pattice

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Farali Pattice is a crispy potato filled fried in oil and succulent Gujarati food. It is very tasty and delicious snack item you can serve it with tomato sauce. Gujarati people generally eat during fasting days to balance their stomachs.

12. Shakarkandi Kheer

Shakarkandi Kheer is prepared with sweet tomato and it’s Gujarati winter recipe. Sweet Potatoes are excellent sources of minerals, vitamins, and fiber. Moreover, it requires very fewer ingredients to prepare.

13. Chatpata Corn Chaat

Chatpata Corn Chaat is a yummy butterly snack recipe. Eating corn chaat during the winter season is a must. It’s tangy, salty and spicy. This chaat is a popular street food as well. The combination of butter and corn is outstanding.

14. Mirchi Fritters

Mirchi Fritters is a refreshing and mood-boosting recipe. It’s filled with spicy and tangy chaat masala that just elevate your taste buds. These fritters are best during pregnancy as they have such cravings. Also, it’s a perfect winter snack recipe for warmness.

15. Brinjal Fritters

brinjal fritters

Brinjal Fritters are amazing snack food. Soft inside and crunchy outside. Brinjal is the most consumed vegetable during the winter season. It’s healthy and when you turn into a snack, the taste is horrendous.

Enjoy these amazing creative flavors of aromatic Gujarati food that will just add an extra layer of enjoyment this winter season.

A great compilation of recipes to try this winter. Let us know in the comments which one you gonna make first.

Happy chilled mornings to you!

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