Dates Bars are no-cook, healthy, nutritious, and has the goodness of seeds and nuts. These are protein-rich bars and a healthy treat for breakfast as well.

These bars are prepared with dates (seedless), cashews, milk, biscuit crust, walnut, coconut shreds, salt, vanilla essence, and white chocolate for garnishing.

For all the vegetarians, a diet with nuts and seeds is always preferable. If you are traveling or going for a picnic, its best to have these date bars.

In no time, you can make these dates bar for family members and the square shape that kids will enjoy eating this. Moreover, these are heavy on the stomach and super satisfying as well.

The biscuit crust added in this date bars is adding a nice crunchy texture to these dates bars.  Dessert-like no-bake bars for every day treats at your home.

Also, you can add any type of flavors you want like coconut, cinnamon, chocolate, and peanut butter as well. It’s simple to make with three major processes: crush all ingredients, mix well and make a dough, and set in the fridge. Your date bars are ready.

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