Peanut Choco-Chips Bars are protein-rich and nutritious bar recipes. It’s homemade square shape crackers to enjoy breakfast.

You can make this with peanuts, dates (seedless), milk, biscuit crust, salt, vanilla essence, and chocolate chips. It’s chewy and fills your tummy for quite a long time.

They are extra-thick in layer and packed with chocolate flavor. Moreover, it has no added sugar because dates and chocolate chips already have sweetness.

Also, these bars are easy to make. Mix the dry and liquid ingredients all together, place the stiff dough in a flat container and refrigerate for 30 minutes.

These ooey-gooey Peanut Choco-Chips Bars are irresistible and even kids going to love these bars. It’s sweet, chewy, doughy and buttery in taste and texture. Also, the biscuit crumb makes it more crockery and enjoy to eat.

These are healthy alternatives to packaged foods and fills your tummy with nutrition. Peanuts are a great source of protein and dates are good for brain function and reduces the risk of cancer.

And we all know about eating chocolates when we have mood swings. So, these bars are a complete package of nutrition and elevation of taste.

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