Oats Raisins Energy Balls are no-bake snack bites. It is a crunchy, sweet, and extremely healthy energy snack. Best for bulking, muscle mass, dieting, weight loss, and those who are fasting. These crunchy balls are an excellent source of protein and energy.

You must have heard of many energy bars and snacks. Muesli is one of the most popular energy snack or bar available. Usually, people opting for buffing up their bodies or pursuing to have more muscles are recommended to consume such snacks.

But you mustn’t need to have any such excuse to have these delicious energy balls.  In fact, everyone must consume these balls of health sources on a regular base.

Also, these oats raisins energy balls consisting of many healthy ingredients. So the list of health benefits you will get by eating these is really very long. Even just two of these are enough to provide you with the energy to go on a whole day.

Here, the natural sweetness is coming from the dates and raisins we have used. Also, the use of cocoa and salt will give a nice touch of bitterness and savory in it. If you want you can sweeten it more with honey.

We have not used flex seeds with these energy-filled ingredients. But they are really great food to add on in this recipe. Making it very similar to muesli. All these ingredients will provide a great amount of protein to your body.

These balls are best for developing a bulk body, muscle mass, when dieting, weight loss, and for those who are fasting.

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