Oatmeal is a divine food item in your weight loss journey. The main reason why oatmeal recipes are a popular choice for weight loss. Now that’s not the only reason behind its popularity. Let me point out other benefits of oats or oatmeal.

Benefits of Oatmeal

  • Oats are gluten-free & incredibly rich in fibre & antioxidants.
  • These whole grains are rich in carbs & they require a short time to cook.
  • They also contain a high amount of protein & fat compared to other grains.
  • Oats reduces food cravings as well as cholesterols & blood sugar levels.
  • It is not only a delicious breakfast but also fills your tummy.
  • Fibre-rich whole grain oats help relieve prolonged constipation problems.
  • It significantly reduces the need for laxatives in elder individuals.

Given these points, oatmeal benefits aren’t limited to the ones mentioned above. Here’s an informative article from Healthline on the benefits of oatmeal. I would highly recommend reading it.

Now let’s proceed further with oats recipes.

How to Include Oatmeal in Your Diet?

Oatmeals are unbelievably good for you. Yes, you read it right. You can eat & enjoy oatmeal in different ways. The most popular method is to eat oatmeal for breakfast.

For instance, boil oats in a pot & occasionally stir until soft. Add a pinch of salt & simmer. Your healthy breakfast is ready. This breakfast contains all the benefits that are mentioned above.

Oatmeal Ingredients

Now that we are convinced of how healthy oatmeal is, why not make it right away. Let’s do this starting with ingredients.

  • Rolled Oats – I always recommend using rolled oats. Besides, there are other varieties of oats available in the market. For example, steel-cut oats, Scottish oats, pinhead oats & quick oats. Refer to Oats Buying Guide – Best Oats in India for complete details.
  • Almonds – Almonds are rich in essential nutrients & oil. Additionally, they possess a good amount of health benefits. On the other hand, eating just boiled oats may be tasteless. Therefore, we will include almonds.
  • Black & Red Raisins – After all, we aren’t using processed sugar because it will contradict health benefits. Seeing that, we will incorporate black & red raisins for a sweet flavour. By doing this, you will get natural sweetness.
  • Water – Use water depending on how you want your oatmeal to be. For instance, I prefer a liquid consistency over dry oats. Needless to say, if there’s extra water, simmer for a while to reduce water quantity.

The item list for oatmeal ends here—time to cook. Don’t forget your apron.🤪🤓

Making Oatmeal Breakfast the Nutritious Way

This oatmeal breakfast is a lot easier & quick. However, there are many more breakfast varieties. For example, cabbage & cauliflower dhokla, poha rava vada, methi thepla, matar paratha, veg upma, dudhi muthiya, etc.

I can go on and on till the day ends.

All these breakfast items require a series of steps to cook. Moreover, some of them also require steaming, sauteeing, tempering, etc. It takes time. Besides, these recipes are mainly made to entice your taste buds.

There’s nothing such with our healthy oatmeal breakfast.

Boil water, add dry fruits & nuts with oats. Cook till oats are soft. Let it cool down. Your breakfast is ready. Add one tablespoon, honey, & enjoy.

Hence, that’s it with the oatmeal recipe today. First, watch the recipe video for details. Then, follow the recipe steps with images.

There’s a recipe card too. Download it on your smartphone & make this dish on the go; if you like this recipe, share it with your friends & family members.

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