Oatmeal Recipe is the healthiest breakfast. It keeps your tummy filled for about 6 hours and eventually helps you lose weight. Made with all-natural ingredients like oats, dry fruits & honey. Quick and simple to make. Low on calorie and high fiber breakfast idea.

Do you sometimes feel loosing out of energy while going on stairs? It happens with most of us, right? So yes, after having this oatmeal, I can guarantee you that you gonna become much stronger.

Rolled oats are healthy not only for adults but also for children and people of all ages. They are rich in healthy fat, protein, carbs, and fiber. Being high in its nutritional value Oats serve as a healthy ingredient in weight loss.

Losing weight by eating less is an old school. It indirectly affects your growth and metabolism. Oats meal reduces food cravings.

The most important thing while losing weight is to control eating habits, reduce junk food intakes and make a healthy choice to eat right. The oatmeal guarantees all of them.

Actually, this recipe is completely about self-love. Eating the right food is also a form of showing love towards your body & mind. So feed right, be right.

Once you start your morning with a healthy breakfast you remain active and energetic the entire day being conscious about what you shall eat and what not.

You will see visible results in a short time after you start eating this healthy meal on a daily basis. There are no restrictions on cooking and eating oats. Anyone can eat them in any season as and when they like. Just make sure you don’t overeat or take it as dinner.

Enjoy this healthy rolled oats breakfast with green tea for additional benefits.