Oats Scrambled Eggs is a protein-packed easy breakfast recipe. It is a nutritious fusion of eggs & oats.

If you ask to name the two most healthy food to start your day, the answer will be obvious. They are oats & eggs 🥚🥚 ! As a result, you will get an ultimate super breakfast.😁😁

Oats scrambled eggs are not just tummy-filling but extremely healthy. And the cherry on top it will be ready in recorded time!😄😄 The recipe is perfect for those who are health conscious. Also, for those who are dieting.

One can also modify the oats scrambled. But we would like to suggest keeping one ingredient constant, i.e. rolled oats. There are branded varieties of oats, but here we will use Quaker Rolled Oats.

Moreover, you can add any variety of vegetables to make it even healthier. Carrots, capsicum, corn, and green beans all go great. Even cauliflower florets will do. Add some spices and replace the eggs with broken wheat, along with vegetables, and you’ll get a new variety of Dalia Upma.

Reasons To Make Oats Scrambled Eggs

It is a superfood. Ready in a jiffy.

Oats and eggs are really healthy even separately.

Eggs will provide protein and you will get fibre from oats.

The best choice if you are used to big breakfast.

Extremely filling for your stomach and full of nutrients.

Versatile dish and can be customised.

Needs very few ingredients.

Less fussy and easy to make a dish.

How To Make Oats Scrambled Eggs?

First, roast the oats and then saute onion, capsicum, and tomatoes. Add salt & garam masala. Then cook other items with oats and water. Lastly, eggs will be scrambled and mixed. Finally, we have the dish ready. You can adjust the spices to your liking.

Surprisingly, there are other versions of this recipe. It will contain four ingredients – 1 whole egg, two egg whites, oats & skimmed milk. Mix everything, spray the non-stick spray on a heated pan and scramble the ingredients. Once it is cooked, turn off the heat. You will get both sweet and savoury tastes.

The third version is similar to our current recipe. However, the ingredients are a bit different. This recipe s more or less a Spanish recipe. Fewer vegetables and spices will be in use.

Instead, we can also use sundried tomatoes, goat cheese and canola oil. Herbs like rosemary, thyme and chives are for flavour. Red chilli, salt & black peppers are the dry masalas that will go into it.

Wrap this dish in tortillas, and you will get oats scrambled eggs, rolls or wrap.


  • We are directly frying onions in here. But you can temper the mustard seeds and curry leaves before that. Doing it will make the recipe more aromatic and flavoursome.
  • We are using three eggs for 250 gm of oats. However, you can adjust the proportion as per your taste. Likewise, the measurement of other ingredients will vary accordingly.
  • Cumin seeds can be a replacement for mustard seeds.
  • Tomatoes are an integral part of egg recipes and so do not skip them.
  • As I said, any number of vegetables will go great with this recipe. Green beans, corns, peas, baby corn and potatoes are healthy addition. Make sure to cook/fry the vegetables properly, like we are doing with onions. Boiling the baby corn would be better, or it will take more time to cook.
  • Avoid using instant oats as they contain artificial sugar in more amounts which is not good for health.
  • The addition of ginger-garlic paste along with garam masala will also add up to the taste.
  • Avocado can be an option to make it sour and tangy, but omit the spices except for salt & pepper.
  • You can use olive oil or butter, or both. But remember, this will neutralise the flavours of the spices. Thus if you are using fewer spices, then do not use butter.
  • Measure water as per the requirement of the ingredients. Especially pay attention to the texture of this recipe you want before adding water.
  • The oats and eggs won’t taste good if cold. Thus, eat ASAP. However, oats will become sticky over time.