Egg Keema Masala is a lip-smacking egg dish from Surat. It is an easy-to-make and simple dish popular in the city’s streets.

Surat is well-known for diamonds, textile, culture, lifestyle, etc. But the thing it is most popular is food. It is because the people of Surat are food lovers. Therefore, you will find a plethora of delicious and authentic food dishes like undhiyu, sev khamani, ghari, khaman, bhajiya, paneer ghotala, etc.

Although these are all vegetarian dishes, Surtis are all lovers of egg dishes. And hence, there has been an explosion of food joints that serves many egg dishes like Australian egg fry, anda ghotala, boiled egg tikka, egg kasata, egg pepper fry, anda Mughlai, egg ravaiya, etc.

You can eat these dishes anytime and anywhere.

How it is DIfferent from Surti Anda Ghotala?

If we look at the ingredients for Surti anda ghotala and egg keema masala, they are majorly the same with just one or two different ones. And more or less, both the dishes are similar in looks as well. However, they are not the same.

Both the dishes have a few differences. The method and techniques to make these dishes are different. The ingredients in Surti Anda Ghotala are mashed completely. This step is entirely optional here. Moreover, in Surti anda ghotala, we have an additional half-fry egg layer. That is absent here.

Egg Bhurji vs Egg Keema Masala

People often confuse both dishes. Egg Keema Masala is always confused with the bhurji version. They are not interchangeable. Both the dishes are different.

The most significant difference in the dishes is how we use the eggs. In Anda bhurji, the eggs are cracked raw in the mixture of onions and tomatoes, then scrambled and cooked. Whereas in egg keema masala, the eggs are boiled and grated.

Apart from these, the use of tomatoes in bhurji is not compulsory, even if widely popular. Now we know how to identify both the dishes.

Taste & Texture of Egg Keema Masala

This recipe includes boiled eggs that are grated and not mashed. Because of this, the texture will not be smooth or soft. Sure the onions and tomatoes are to be mushy but not the eggs. You will feel bits and chunks of the eggs in your mouth while having this dish.

As for the taste, the dish is not too spicy. It will have mild to medium flavours. But since every egg dish is flexible and customisable, you can adjust the spice meter to your taste. No one is going to object. Also, the dish will be primarily dry. But it is excellent to eat with both rice and chapati.

TR’s Extra Shots

  • Gravy – The gravy, as mentioned, is dry. But you can add more water to have some liquid if you prefer that.
  • Vegetables – We are using minimum vegetables, just the basic ones. If you want to add more than capsicum and peas will good options.
  • Grease – We are just using oil in cooking. Butter and ghee are okay to use as well.
  • Flavours – We are using ginger-garlic paste. Chopped or grated ginger will taste good when added in the later stages.
  • Pre-Prep – If you do not have much time on your hand to prepare this, then you can prepare the ingredients by chopping and boiling them. Please put them in the refrigerator and use them later. But do not keep them for too long.
  • Freshness – This dish can stay fresh and edible in the refrigerator for a few hours or a day. But it is highly recommended to eat it hot as soon as possible after cooking. Or else you will experience digestive problems.
  • Spices – You can add spices as per your taste. Or some special masala from the market. Just be careful not to let them burn. Or it will taste bitter.
  • Some more – Like many egg dishes, you can add green garlic and green onions.
  • Authenticity – You can have it however you want. But the authentic Surti way to eat is with pav and some local drinks. It is the most enjoyable experience.

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