The diamond city of Surat is also well-known for its food. And not just for the authentic dishes like Ghari, Sev Khamani, Bhajiya, and Khaman but for other innovative recipes like Australian Egg Fry.

Surtis loves eating eggs. One will find a plethora of egg dishes both on the streets and food joints. Surat’s egg dishes are just as famous and loved as traditional food, and this egg recipe is part of it.

What Is Australian Egg Fry?

Australian Egg Fry is a famous egg dish invented in the streets of Surat. The dish is spicy, delicious, and loaded with flavours.

Eggs dominate the dish in multiple ways. They are cut, cooked, boiled, and mashed in here. Cooked with several spices and enjoyed with pav along with the famous local drinks like Sosyo and Jeeru. That’s the authentic Surti way. 😄😄

What’s In The Name?

Before we move on with the recipe itself, let us get this out of the way. I have seen people question more on why the word “Australia” is being used in the name? The name is more of an issue for people than the recipe itself.😌😌

So people, let’s end this debate once and for all. This dish has nothing to do with Australia, period.😐 The street hawkers of Surat invent this dish. The majority of these hawkers are not so educated. They just added the word to make it sound fancy. It’s more of a marketing strategy. Surat people like the tastes, and now no one cares about the name.

Besides, Surtis have a way of naming their food. The best examples of this are the famous food dishes like Surti Paneer Ghotala and Surti Locho. People still enjoy the dishes to the core, justifying the Shakespearean coined phrase. Hence, dive into eating and not worry about anything else (especially the Aussies taking offence for it).

Some also claim that this dish is a Parsi dish called Tameta par Eedu, meaning egg on tomato. Though the concept is quite similar, both the dishes are very different. So again, enjoy eating the dish and don’t bother with the rest.

आम खाने से मतलब पेड़ गिनने से नही” 😁😁 

Do You Need All the Spices?

The list of spices we are using is semi-long. The use of spices here is flexible. Egg recipes are always flexible, and you can add anything that goes well with it. Therefore, know that you can add or eliminate any spice from the list here because that is another thing that is overwhelming people.

There are, however, some fixed spices that need to be included. They are salt, turmeric, chillies, and black pepper. Apart from this, coriander and green garlic are part of it as well. Some of the street hawkers add garam masala and even pav bhaji masala. So all this is up to your taste.

The Gravy of Australian Egg Fry

The gravy for this dish is a beautiful yellowish-green colour. The base of this gravy is boiled egg yolk, spices, chopped coriander, and green garlic.

The mashing of the ingredients is necessary—the more mashed the elements, the better the gravy. Chopped onion or green onions are also an option to add.

The gravy will be thick in its consistency. The thickness comes from egg yolks, mashed ingredients, and grated cheese. Still, you can adjust the consistency with water. But remember, the gravy is not runny or watery.

To make it more rich and smooth in texture, you can add butter and oil. Moreover, cream and cheese are also good to add to the gravy.

Another Way To Make

There can be some differences in cooking and some ingredients here and there. But the concept for this dish will remain the same. Half-Fry eggs covered with the gravy. The gravy can also be red if not like this yellowish-green.

The red colour of the gravy will be because of the use of tomatoes and red chilli powder in the gravy. The tomatoes can be chopped or pureed. It is more or less the way the street hawkers prepare the dish. However, we cannot generalize this way.

They sometimes cook the egg whites and yolks separately while making the half-fry. Also, the half-fry can contain more spices or ingredients than the eggs. However you wish it to be. The methods differ.

TR’s Extra Shots

  • Spices – As I mentioned before, there is no compulsion to use. What you add depends on the taste you want.
  • Smoothness – Ingredients like cheese, cream, and butter are great to add for providing the gravy with a more prosperous and smoother texture.
  • Utensil – It will be better to use an open tawa or pan while making it.

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