Surat is famous for many things over the world. But like always, the variety of food available here is unbeatable.

This city aces in the food department. Dishes like Paneer Ghotala, Kkhaman, Ghari, Sev Khamani, Undhiyu, Batatapuri, Bhajiya, etc., are world-famous.

But the street food of Surat is even more remarkable. Significantly, the wide variety of egg dishes available here is hard to find anywhere else.

What is Egg Kasata?

Egg Kasata – An easy and delicious egg dish from the street food of Surat that consists of cheese, omelette, and gravy. People enjoy it with pav and salad along with local drinks.

The name may sound familiar to cassata ice cream. But these both have nothing to do with each other. The only thing common with both is the layering. Both consists of layers that may have inspired the name.

Taste & Texture Of The Gravy

The texture of the gravy for this dish is smooth and rich. The look of this gravy can also resemble Australian Egg Fry. It is no surprise as most street foods tend to be similar, with some exceptions. However, both the dishes have a lot of differences, even if they look the same. Egg Kasata has fewer ingredients compared, and the cooking process for both is different.

Most egg dishes are spicy. But what we made is milder in flavour as it contains fewer spices. It is still hot, though, because of chillies and schezwan sauce. However, all the ingredients are adjustable.

Street-Style Egg Kasata

As I mentioned, egg dishes available on the streets are very spicy. Though the recipe and process change to every hawker, the base remains the same. Some even skip adding onions to the gravy.

Most of the time, this dish contains two things- fried eggs and gravy. But if we eat this on the streets, they add tempering to it. Some even add a second layer of another gravy.

Since Egg Kasata does not have a specific fixed recipe, hawkers make it however they want. As a result, this one is more versatile than other egg dishes and is endlessly experimental.

One layer of gravy is what we have made. Though even in that, ingredients are often eliminated or substituted. But more or less, they are the same. The second layer of the gravy is red because of the presence of tomato puree in it. Some add red chilli powder or dry red chillies instead of green chillies. Both the gravy is layered upon the fried egg.

For the final part, a tempering is prepared. Sesame seeds and curry leaves are added to the tempering and poured over the gravy. If you want it extra spicy or colourful, add some red chilli powder to the tempering.

TR’s Extra Shots

  • Sauce – Even if the most preferred sauce is schezwan in this recipe, you can substitute it with red chilli sauce. Or if you want some tang and less spice, then use ketchup.
  • Spring Onion – Onions are replaceable with spring onions. Along with adding flavour, it will also make the gravy look greener.
  • Cumin Seeds – While making the gravy, you can add cumin seeds and saute them for more aroma and flavour.
  • Spices – The spices are all adjustable here. You can garam masala to it for more flavours.
  • Egg Masala – If you have a special masala powder for egg dishes, either homemade or from the market, you can use it. That can be your secret ingredient.

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