Afghani Omelette is an easy and tasty pan-fry breakfast recipe. This recipe does not just taste good but is so fancy looking as of fine being served in a restaurant.

This egg recipe is impressive and much stomach-filling. It also does not require too much fuss or decor. You can easily dish out this recipe for a heavenly breakfast.

As it is well known, eggs are extremely healthy and protein-rich food products. Added with vegetables of your own desire is also making it nutritious. But if you wish to make even more healthy, then try cooking it with olive oil.

You might need to keep in mind the number of eggs you cook in one go. There are chances of the substances being overflow out of the pan.

The Afghani Omelette recipe is sure to provide the right amount of energy and nutrients one needs to function for a whole day.

Even if it is a breakfast recipe there are no restrictions or time limits to eating it. After all, when there are eggs for a recipe there is all the flexibility you want.

Just remember to eat it as hot as you can bear. This recipe is just what you need for a kick start of your day.

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