Korean Egg Roll Recipe, an egglicious treat for your morning breakfast. A Korean egg recipe made with an Indian twist. Made with simple at-home ingredients and gets ready in 15 minutes.

A healthy breakfast option for kids’ lunch boxes and also for elders. A sure choice for those who are egg lovers like me.

A super easy and beautiful recipe. If you want to flaunt your culinary skill and decorate your table with a beautiful dish, then this Korean egg roll will be your first choice.

I call it a hubby special recipe. Serve your hearts to your hubby on a Sunday breakfast and ignite the fire. My grandmother used to say, ” Make a delicious treat for your husband and get your wishes fulfilled.”

Putting a cross-cut and twisting the halves to form a heart is just pure art. The texture of red and green capsicum and carrot add life to it. When served on a black serving plate. Just Amazing.

The video itself is so tempting that you will surely try this recipe. Try this recipe and fall in love once again.

About Indian Style Korean Egg Roll

In recent times, people all over the world have taken a massive liking for Korean cuisine and Indians are not behind. This is the result of Hallyu or simply put the Korean wave a.k.a kpop/k-drama wave in India (and all over the world).

Even though, this ‘K-wave’ has been on the rise since the 90s decade it only entered India around the 2000s because Bollywood movies were banned in Manipur. However, the true credit goes to the idol Psy for its popularity through his song Gangnam Style about a decade ago and later with the airing of their show “Descendants Of The Sun”.

But the Korean industry boomed worldwide during the recent pandemic when people were using too much of the internet in their free time, binge-watching k-dramas, series like “Squid Game”, and streaming Korean music videos. Also, because of it, the internet was overflowing with people trying out/making the Dalgona coffee.

Indian and Korean culture has so much in common and food is a huge part of it. Both cuisines are also very similar in taste and therefore Indians are really quick to adapt to the food.

I am sure everyone is familiar with the word Kimchi which is a side dish of fermented and spiced cabbage. Indian restaurants have started serving this side along with the regular pickles and chutney.

Korean cuisine consists of various small side dishes collectively termed “banchan“. This egg roll dish is included in this side dish, like Kimchi, and is named Gyeran-Mari.

The original recipe of this only consists of two things;- salt and eggs, that’s it! There are numerous versions with customized recipes but the actual recipe only consists of those two ingredients. We have added bell peppers and green chillies giving this an Indian twist.

Variations To Indian Style Korean Egg Roll

As mentioned above, there are so many variations to this recipe with more ingredients. However, the core technique remains the same for all of them.

Speaking of ingredients, apart from salt, chillies, and bell peppers; there are many more things you can add to this. The most common of them all are chopped onions. You can either use regular onions or use spring onions. Both the bulb and green part of the spring onion is usable here.

Other than that, you can add chopped vegetables like carrots, beans, mushrooms, garlic, chives, zucchini, etc. Also, you can add pieces of meat, crab meat, tuna, fish cod i.e. pollock roe, and pieces of prawns. In fact, if you add cheese and mushrooms it will be a cheese mushrooms omelet. Some even roll this in seaweed “Gim“. This also makes it a popular street food.

It has a really pretty look to it. Now that I think of it, if I won’t know any better, these will look like Karachi biscuits from afar.

Change The Pattern

If you wish to add a little bit of twist and make it more beautiful then you can make a change in the rolling pattern of the eggs. First, separate the yolks from the whites and beat them in different bowls. Whatever ingredients you want to add do them in the egg whites. Only salt will be present in the yolks as well. You can also add mint, thyme, sage, or coriander to it.

Now that it is time for cooking, first, cook the egg whites and roll them. When you are at its last batch, repeat the process with egg yolks; merging and rolling the egg yolks around the egg white roll. This will make it look like a yellow blanket over the white and give it a really beautiful look.

Korean Egg Roll

Image Credit: Have a nice meal

Gyeran Mari Vs Tamagoyaki

Both these dishes are confused with each other since they both are egg dishes that are rolled in a similar manner. However, there are some minor differences.

To begin with, Gyeran Mari is a part of Korean cuisine whereas, Tamagoyaki is a part of Japanese cuisine. Then Korean egg roll is served as a side dish or as a popular street food but tamagoyaki is a breakfast dish.

Also, only two main ingredients are a part of Gyeran Mari but Tamagoyaki consists of more. It has the inclusion of soy sauce and sugar, with the occasional use of mirin and sake. Because of the sugar, it tastes sweet in opposite to the savoury Korean egg roll. Tamagoyaki’s alternate versions also sometimes have ingredients like dashi which is a fish and kelp (algae); or a mix of shrimp puree, grated mountain yam, sake, and egg, turned into a custard-like cake.

TR’s Extra Shots:

  • You can adjust the number and measure of ingredients as per your requirements.
  • It is okay if the surface turns a little bit brown. But a proper yellow surface will give a prettier look.
  • This is a slow-cook recipe, meaning you need to cook the eggs on low heat, and hence you need to have patience.
  • Some people like to add a little bit of milk or water for more fluffiness. You can try that if you want but it is also okay to skip them.
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