Korean Egg Roll Recipe, an egglicious treat for your morning breakfast. A Korean egg recipe made with an Indian twist. Made with simple at home ingredients and gets ready in 15 minutes.

A healthy breakfast option for kids lunch box and also for elders. Sure choice for those who are egg lovers like me.

A super easy and beautiful recipe. If you want to flaunt your culinary skill and decorate your table with beautiful dish then this Korean egg roll will be your first choice.

I call it a hubby special recipe. Serve your hearts to your hubby on a Sunday breakfast and ignite the fire. My grandmother used to say, ” Make a delicious treat for your husband and get your wishes fulfilled.

Putting a cross cut and twisting the halves to form a heart is just pure art. The texture of red and green capsicum and carrot add life to it. When served in a black serving plate. Just Amazing.

The video itself is so tempting that you will surely try this recipe. Try this recipe and fall in love once again.

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