Cheesy Mushroom Omelette is one of the most filling and delicious egg dishes. It is an exciting combination of eggs and mushrooms for breakfast. Further, cheese makes it even more delicious.

But mushrooms are not very much wanted unless you are an American. So why not try out making it? You are not going to get disappointed. It is easy, quick, and something new to have.

Few Tips

  • Greens – We can add green vegetables like spinach, asparagus, broccoli, and kale to the omelette. Or even leek and scallions will do.
  • Cooking Mushrooms – Do not add any liquid while cooking them. They have enough water content of their own. Hence they will get cooked in their water.
  • Herbs – You can add any herb that goes well in an omelette. Dried thyme, parsley, basil, or even chopped coriander (for Indians especially) are great to use.
  • Meat – Just like the green vegetables, you can add shredded boiled chicken, pieces of cooked fish or some beacon. Cooked and chopped prawns will be the best option here.
  • Lactose – We are not adding milk as it is. You can replace the cheese with vegan cheese if you want a dairy-free recipe.
  • Serving – This dish is filling as it is. However, you can serve it with some toast, chai, juice or coffee if you have it for breakfast. Moreover, a salad will go with it if you eat it during lunch.
  • Pan – It is necessary to use a bigger pan to cook mushrooms to get enough space. Or else, I will steam them instead of frying them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which cheese to use in the omelette?

Cheese like cheddar, gruyere, and mozzarella is preferable in the omelette. They melt well in the omelette. However, you can also use parmesan, feta, and manchego are good as well. They will work on the recipe as well.

Is it okay to add milk to the omelette?

If you search the internet for this recipe, you will find that milk is added to many versions of the recipes. It is to make the omelette moist and fluffier. However, it is not necessarily true. Milk will make the eggs watery, and you may have trouble cooking them. If you still do it, be extremely careful about how much you add it.

How to make the omelette fluffier?

The fluffiness of the omelette majorly depends on how properly you whisk the eggs. If possible, whisk the egg whites and yolks separately to get a super fluffy texture of the omelette.

What other combinations can I make with omelette?

You can experiment with omelette as much as you want, and most of the time, it will turn good. Few of them are tried & tasted combinations. They include

  • Bacon and cheddar
  • Ham, cheddar, onion
  • Ham, cheese of choice, onion, red/green bell peppers
  • Sliced steak, onions, white cheddar

Can I put baking powder in the omelette?

Recently, people have started using baking powder in omelettes to make them fluffier. And it has helped them achieve results. However, we would not recommend you to try it. Adding this ingredient may change the texture of the omelette. Also, the flavour of the omelette might be weird too.

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