Egg Mayo Sandwich is an easy, quick, and sandwich recipe. It is originally from the British cuisine.

British are a fan of sandwiches and have their fair share of recipes for it. Egg Mayo sandwiches are one such innovation to bring something new to the plate with it.

There is no restriction to time for eating this as you can have it whenever. Neither you are restricted to the ingredients mentioned in the recipe.

Usually, herbs like chives or thyme are used in the seasoning of the egg mixture. But as it is not available all the time in Indian markets, you can replace them or eliminate adding it.

However, sometimes no seasoning is added at all. It is too bland so we can add our own herbs or spices, as per our taste. Whenever a recipe has egg as its core ingredient, versatility is guaranteed.

For those who got little time to cook on their hands, or are a fan of eggs or sandwiches like the British, this is a perfect recipe for them. The perk of it being a time-saving recipe is a nice add on.

It is recommended to consume this Egg Mayo sandwich within two hours of its making. Or else, it can have bad smell. You can also enjoy this recipe during evening snacks with the accompaniment of tomato soup.

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