Grated Boiled Egg Sandwich is a quick, easy, super yummy and super healthy breakfast recipe. A protein-rich recipe for your kid’s lunch box.

The best part of this recipe is that it gets ready in just a few minutes. You and especially your kids are gonna fall in love with it. In school cooking competitions, you can send your kids with this recipe as you can boil the eggs at home and then it is all a no-cook recipe.

A great evening snack with your tea or a Halka-Phulka Nashta. Youngsters love Schezwan chutney, I have seen them pouring it on the things to make them tastier. Hence, I have used it in this sandwich.

So they will be surely pleased with this recipe. For mothers and wives, this can be a great lunch option for their kids and husbands respectively.

How To Make This Grated Boiled Egg Sandwich Better?

Both the sandwich and egg recipes are extremely flexible. This means it gives you a free hand to experiment. We have a few suggestions for you to make this sandwich even better.

Choosing Bread

First of all, let’s talk about the bread to use-the base for any sandwich. Now, we have been provided with sandwich bread separately. And if not that, we are used to using regular bread to make a sandwich. But did you know sourdough bread is considered the best to use for a sandwich? It has been made since middle age and was originally a creation of French bakers.

Apart from this other breads like wheat bread, multigrain bread, potato bread, boule bread, French baguette, focaccia, rye bread, etc are good to use. Some are available to use and some are not. Use whatever you like. Of course, we cannot miss white bread from this list and we are already using that.

What To Spread?

The second thing will be the spreads. Before adding anything to the bread, apply a generous amount of butter to the bread. Not sure about you guys but I don’t like sandwiches without butter. I am absolutely in love with the bread and butter combination.  😅  😅

Other than that, as you can see, there is a use of schezwan chutney here. If you do not like it then you can simply use red chutney or green chutney for sandwiches. Or you can add mayonnaise like an egg mayo sandwich. Cheese spread will work nicely as well.

Having Some Fillings

Finally, the third part will be the filling. Yes, we are using grated eggs in this sandwich but who said that’s all you can add? You can have it with avocado or add vegetable slices like tomatoes, cucumber, boiled potatoes, beetroot, etc. You can also add chicken, prawns, fish, sausages etc. Lastly, top it up with grated cheese.

Tip: It is better to eat it immediately. It will not taste so good after storing.

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