Most of the Indian women are complaining about the same thing! Why my husband is not eating lunch I cook for him & order it from Zomato?

I was wondering what tasty treats to give your husband so that your long lost husband will come to an easy healthy eating.

That’s where the role of kitchen pro wife comes and that’s where these 9 healthy lunch recipes come into a perfect picture.

These recipes are not diet recipes but are healthy options with an extra cherry on the top. Tasty recipes work best when it’s in the form of nutrition clubbed with great taste too.

Wives, these recipes will make your husbands happy  & get them to fall in love with taste as well as you!

Click on the image to get a view of recipes.

1. Sweet Potato & Kale Grilled Sandwich



Your husband’s lunchtime is best in the form of a sandwich. This colorful sandwich has 3 layers. In the end, it is grilled in butter. Feed him this clubbed sandwich & he won’t stop saying thank you to you ladies.

2. Restaurant Style Veg Hakka Noodles

veg-hakka-noodles resturant style


Your husbands are always eager to go to romantic dinners. Don’t let him get a habit of eating out because we ladies are very smart. We know when to stop eating but them? It’s not the same story.  So why don’t you feed him this yummy noodles in his lunch meals?

3. Masala Poha



Someday your husband would definitely need some Chatpata Khana in his lunch. For working husbands, opening a lunch box is like opening a treasure. Why always Meetha & cheesy meals? Make this most Indian loved easy-to-make recipe to satisfy his appetite.

4. Bhel Puri



Bhel is easiest Indian chaat to make for lunch. Every husband will have those long working days. In that case, you can feed him heavy brunch and give him something light to eat in noon time. That will keep his work mode on.

5. Oats Khichdi

oats khichdi


For protein-rich recipes, this will work best for him. Every human needs the energy to complete their scheduled work. Sometimes it happens you lose out on your physical strength and mental as well. This khichdi is a mood booster as well as gives energy to the body. Go for it ladies.

6. Sabudana Khichdi

sabu dana khichdi


This is a scrumptious food recipe ever. A wife can cook this in just 30 min. Just soak the pearls in water according to its nature and add some veggies and nuts & you are done! You can also cook Sabudana Wada, Sabudana Tikki or Roti.

7. Egg Bhurji

egg bhurji


You ask any Indian husband & they must have eaten this deliciously scrambled egg Bhurji twice in a week. Truth or lie ladies? If I talk about Parsi cuisines or Indo Chinese cuisines, they just want to break egg upon every sabzi they make. Eggs are men’s BFFs. So next day, surprise them with one of this scrumptious egg recipe.

8. Palak Paratha



Most of the Indian mother expects from a daughter in law to cook Parathas at home for husband and for the family. That much love is given to parathas. Why not reaching out to your husband in his busy days feeding him this paratha? Palak being the green veggie works for your body immune system very strongly. Your husband’s health is now in your hand. Feed him a good food.

Ladies, my recommendation to you is, keep trying such recipes for him, focus on his health & keep looking for tasty recipes instead of just recipes. Now make a wish & he will do everything for you!

healthy lunch recipes