Bread 65 is an extremely delicious, quick, and easy-to-make snack recipe. Typically, paneer or gobi is used to make this, instead of bread.

Since we have use bread instead of paneer or cauliflower florets, it can be said to be innovative.

This recipe is very useful when you have leftover bread slices. Or want to make a quick and different than a usual snack like a sandwich. Or just in both situations.

You may notice that it is very similar to bread pakora because the ingredients are almost the same. However, it is not the case here. Bread 65 will be tasting different because of the tempered ingredients.

If you want to make it more appealing to your eyes as you find in restaurants, then you need one thing. Add seasoning of red chili paste with some pepper. This seasoning is to be added after frying the batter-dipped bread.

This seasoning is optional. Even without this seasoning, the recipe will taste good. But after adding this the dish will be more appetizing and tempting.

You can try adding soya sauce and chili sauce or white vinegar in the tempering. It will give a nice Chinese touch to the recipe. And we all will agree on how much mouth-watering Chinese dishes are for us.

This recipe is a perfect starter on the menu for guests during parties or gatherings. But it is equally good to put in lunch boxes.

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