Bread Samosa is an innovative snack recipe for regular samosa. Bread slices are used to make samosas instead of dough strips or sheets.

This recipe is way easier than the traditional samosa recipe. It is quick, less fussy, and does not compromise on the taste.

It is important to flatten the bread slices before filling them. If not, there is a possibility that the slices are going to absorb more oil then required while deep frying. As a result, it will become oily and unhealthy option to eat. Besides, it also makes the layer crispy.

If you damage the bread while flattening it, you can patch it using few water drops. Do not overdo the flattening or it will easily break while filling.

The Bread Samosa recipe is a fresh version of the popular samosa recipe. It will not scare beginners to try to make this at home themselves.

You can have your own fillings in it. It will be a great snack to have if you make the filling in Chinese style. You can impress your guests at parties or occasions having this dish. This can also be served in street style chaat by adding chutneys and spices, sprinkled with sev.

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