Cheese Schezwan Sandwich is a fusion Indo-Chinese sandwich recipe, typically made for breakfast. The sandwich contains fillings of finely chopped vegetables along with a hearty mixture of cheese. This sandwich is perfect who loves the taste of oriental cuisine on their tongue.

We always enjoy the combination of Chinese and Indian influences in a recipe. This sandwich is no exception for it too. People are sure to savor this spicy, crispy, and tasty sandwich recipe. The use of schezwan sauce will provide a nice zing and heat to your mouth.

One can prepare this delicious, mouth-watering sandwich in minutes, with minimal fuss. Moreover, you can experiment with the schezwan sauce with more vegetables as per your want. You can also add paneer, noodles, tomatoes, potatoes, cucumber, or even beetroot, whatever suits your taste. It is that flexible recipe.

The cheese schezwan sandwich is grilled on a pan to make the outer layer of the bread crisp. Though here we have only cook it for a few seconds, you can control the time or heat for cooking if you like it crisper.

Even if this sandwich is for breakfast, it is not a norm to eat it just in the mornings. The recipe is an excellent idea for a quick lunch-box meal, snack, or even for only when you are hungry and have not much time to prepare anything. Especially when you are easily going to get all the ingredients you require.

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