Tiranga sandwich is a full-fledged Indian-style patriotic lunch idea with three layers of filling. Each layer represents the Indian flag. We have made a green layer with Coriander chutney, a white layer with mayonnaise and an orange layer with Tomato chutney.

Each layer has a fantastic taste mixed with the three most loved flavours for kids. It’s an amazing patriotic representation to celebrate independence day. All the ingredients are easily available at home.

On independence day, there was a recipe competition at my kid’s school. We decided to go for a tricolour sandwich. We were looking for the best Indian taste. And without Indian chutney, sandwiches are not possible, right?

Therefore, I prepared three different colour chutneys and we went to the competition. The best part is we were the winner of the competition. The best thing is all the teachers came to me to ask about chutney recipes in my style. It was an awesome day.

How To Make This Tiranga Sandwich Even Better?

This Tiranga sandwich is pretty good as it is and does not require anything more. The fact that you just need to spread everything on the bread slices and cut them the way you want makes it an almost perfect recipe.

However, I know many people will not be satisfied with just this. They’ll want more. So for those falling in that category, there are a few suggestions to get more out of this recipe.

With every layer of this sandwich, you will have to add more substances. That will need more effort from you and a little bit of time.

Orange Layer

For the first layer, carrots are the most sought vegetable to add. You get two options to add carrots to this sandwich. First, you grate the carrots and mix them with mayonnaise before adding the layer to the sandwich. or you can saute them. And if you choose to do that then I suggest you blend them with one (or two) green chilli and some garlic cloves after sauteeing. A little bit of chana dal and grated coconut can be an addition as well.

White Layer

Then the white layer can either be made with mashed potatoes mixed with mayonnaise, salt, and white pepper. If not, you can add grated paneer instead of mashed potatoes. You can then add the second layer with these.

Green Layer

And finally, for the green layer use cucumber and blend them with coriander, chillies, garlic, and/or grated coconut. Or you can opt for using sauteed capsicum and sprinkle some salt & pepper over it before layering.

All these options will make the layering more thick and firm apart from adding to the taste and nutrition.

Tip: Use butter for spreading on bread slices before layering as well as sauteeing the vegetables.

Similarly, you can make your kid’s day with this yummy Tiranga sandwich as it will really compliment their lunchbox.