Tiranga sandwich is a full-fledged Indian style patriotic lunch idea with three layers filling. Each layer represents the Indian flag. We have made a green layer with Coriander chutney, white layer with mayonnaise and orange layer with Tomato chutney.

Each layer has a fantastic taste mixed of the three most loved flavors for kids. It’s an amazing patriotic representation to celebrate the independence day. All the ingredients are easily available at home.

On independence day, there was a recipe competition at my kid’s school. We decided to go for a tricolor sandwich. We were looking for the best Indian taste. And without Indian chutney, sandwiches are not possible, right?

Therefore, I prepared three different color chutney and we went to the competition. The best part is we won the competition. The best thing is all the teachers came to me to ask chutney recipe in my style. It was an awesome day.

Similarly, you can make your kid’s day with this yummy Tiranga sandwich as it will really compliment their lunchbox.