The Bombay Sandwich is a healthy veg snack, especially for kids, made with simple at-home ingredients like bread, cucumber, tomato, potato, and mint chutney. The best part of this recipe is getting ready in no time and a perfect tummy filler.

Just 3 step process; apply the mint chutney over the bread, arrange your choice’s veggies, and finally, toppings of your choice. That’s it.

Every time we make this sandwich but aren’t able to same perfect taste as the street vendor. Just a simple tip to make this sandwich taste just like your favourite stall. Sprinkle salt, pepper and chat masala after arranging each layer.

Bombay Sandwich is famous street food in Mumbai and is now widespread across India. People of all ages love them. A great problem solver for those moms who complain that their children don’t eat much. Give them this, and they will not deny it.

A quick bite for everyone. I call it an anytime-anywhere food. All you have to do is carry all ingredients in a picnic box, and eat it while on the train, or on the top of a mountain or a garden—no Jhanjat of cooking, toasting, etc. Just arrange it and enjoy it.

Bombay Veg Sandwich is a part of our Sunday teatime menu which includes Club Sandwich, Potato fingers and Spring Rolls. My 3-year-old daughter loves this sandwich due to the cheesy sprinkle over it.

What Is Required To Make Bombay Sandwich?

Since this sandwich is famous on the streets of Mumbai, naturally, there will be few changes from a vendor to vendor. But a sandwich recipe is flexible and so you can make changes to it according to your taste.  Let’s have a look at what to add to this sandwich.

Vegetables – The vegetables we are using here are potatoes, tomatoes, and cucumber. However, the other vegetables added to the sandwich are onions and beetroot. Beetroot comes as a surprise element in this recipe but it is even more surprising that this actually goes so well and tastes good in this sandwich.

So I will highly recommend you to not skip this vegetable. Though it is still up to you if you want to add a vegetable or not. You can even experiment with different vegetables as well.

Spread – This is the substance that provides the majority of the taste to the sandwich. Therefore, we added mint chutney after spreading the butter on the bread. Butter is often generously spread on the bread in this recipe. As for the chutney, you can also make green chutney instead of using this chutney. Apart from this, you can use any kind of cheese spread or mayonnaise. However, we advise sticking to the recipe.

Bread – Soft white bread is the best to use for this sandwich. Special bread for sandwiches is available in the market. Sourdough, whole wheat bread,  brown bread, or multigrain bread can also be an option but the regular ones will be better.

Paneer – Some of them even add grated paneer to the sandwich. It is up to you if you want to add it.

Cheese – Adding cheese will add to the taste of this sandwich. this can be optional though.

Spices – Chaat masala is a must in this sandwich. Other than that, chilli flakes, oregano, or any other special masala you like can be added.

TR’s Extra Shots

  • If you wish to grill the sandwich, you can. Add cheese inside the bread layers if you wish to add this ingredient.
  • Some people like to use ghee instead of butter. that is fine. You can even use oil, specifically olive oil for the same.
  • We are using butter and cheese here. These ingredients, as well as paneer, are not vegan. If you wish to make this vegan then use the vegan counterpart of the dairy products.
  • This sandwich is great to pack in a lunch box, while travelling, or for a picnic. However, if you are going to pack this for a longer duration then wrap it in foil for it to not turn soggy.