Aloo Maggi is an innovative version of regular Maggi noodles. It is delicious and filling for a perfect breakfast recipe.

Maggi is food that so many people love. And there can be innumerable things we can do with it. This Aloo Maggi is an add-on to the list.

Generally, whenever we want to add any vegetables to Maggi, we then saute the chopped vegetables in oil and add the noodles to it.

But here we are, making it in a completely different way. We are going to present it in a form similar to a taco.

The boiled potato will be the base, and the cooked Maggi will be packed in it. The shallow frying of it will make it crispy and will make it slightly flaky in texture.

It is ready in minimal time and without much fuss. The ingredients are also readily available. Besides, it being a filling recipe will make it perfect for breakfast. So, not only will you have interesting food at breakfast, but you will also have enough energy for a significant part of your day.

If children in your house are picky and fussy eaters, this is a superior solution to your problem. You can also make children eat something filling without them throwing a tantrum. It is also an excellent option for a lunch box.

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