Aloo Manchurian is an interesting Indo-Chinese version of the regular Manchurian we eat. It is an easy and much quicker recipe than the classic one, though very similar.

Indo-Chinese fusion recipes have become so much part of every Indian Millenials. Though it is considered street food, I am damn sure it is part of every household in India. We Indians have always been a fan of Chinese street food. However, there is a touch of Indianness to it.

This dish is an excellent side dish as well as an appetizer. It can easily replace the classic Manchurian or its cauliflower counterpart as well. Aloo Manchurian is a great dish to have with the Indo-Chinese fried rice recipe.

The potatoes are crispy and crunchy. It makes it more enjoyable, and at the same time, the gravy is spicier and a bit tangy. More vegetables can be used in the gravy if you want.

You can give any shape to the potatoes, but the one we did is an easy choice. One can even have it along with french fries. One can make a little more gravy and use that gravy as a source with the french fries.

Go ahead and give the regular boring potatoes a delicious twist.