Aloo Manchurian is an interesting Indo-Chinese version of the regular Manchurian we eat. It is an easy and much quicker recipe than the classic one, though very similar.

Indo-Chinese fusion recipes have become so much part of every Indian Millenials. Though it is considered street food, I am damn sure it is part of every household in India. Of course, we Indians have always been a fan of Chinese street food. However, there is a touch of Indianness to it.

This dish is an excellent side dish as well as an appetiser. It can easily replace the classic Manchurian or its cauliflower counterpart as well. Aloo Manchurian is a great dish to have with the Indo-Chinese fried rice recipe. And the best part is you do not need to worry about the dumplings getting hard like in original Manchurian recipes.

Ingredients For Aloo Manchurian

Now I know the list is quite long for the recipe; after all, it is a fusion recipe. Hence you’ll need ingredients of two combined recipes. But don’t panic! We are simplifying the ingredients list so it will be easier.


It is the base and star of our recipe. We are taking only two medium potatoes here. But if you want you can take more as per your requirement. Just adjust the spices then accordingly.

For Batter

  • Flour – We are using cornflour, all-purpose flour, and semolina to make the batter. You won’t find semolina in this recipe, but we can get a crispier coating.
  • Spices – Salt, red chilli powder, and ginger-garlic paste are used here. You won’t need many spices here as we will be adding them to the gravy later.
  • Water & Oil – These will be to mix the ingredients and batter-like texture. Just add the water gradually and not at once.

For Gravy

  • Ginger & Garlic – We are mincing (or cutting them minutely) them here. It will draw a lovely aroma and flavours.
  • Green Chili – We’ll be splitting them in half. If you want, you can cut them as you like. Also, the amount you use depends on your taste preference.
  • Capsicum – We are using a regular green one. To make it more colourful, use yellow and red ones as well if they are available. You can either slice them or cut them into cubes, whatever you want.
  • Onion – It will also add up to the flavours. Again, cut them however is preferable to you.
  • Sauces – We are using tomato sauce, soya sauce, and red chilli sauce here. Tomato ketchup will provide tanginess and balance the extra flavours of other ingredients here. Vinegar is also used, but you can skip it if you want.
  • Salt & Pepper – Chinese dishes are incomplete without this seasoning. However, be careful while adding salt. We already have used it in the batter.
  • Corn Flour Slurry – This will provide thickness to the gravy. But it gets thick quickly and too much. So add this ingredient gradually to keep it in check.
  • Spring Onion is also used in the gravy as well as for garnishing. Just use the green part more.

Preparing Aloo Manchurian

First, we cut the potatoes into cubes and boil them with water and salt until they turn soft. We will then be frying them with batter-coated. This way, it fries quicker and will absorb less oil because of it. When you fry the balls, the oil must be adequately hot or else it will get challenging to fry them.

If you do not want to boil the potatoes, you can directly fry them into cubes  But keep in mind that it will take a bit longer to fry than when it is boiled first.

Another method is to grate them and keeping them soaked into the water, so they don’t turn black. Then wash until the excess starch is removed, or else the Manchurian will be sticky. Finally, eradicate the water from the grated potatoes. This method will provide you with crunchy aloo Manchurian and require you to fry the dumplings multiple times.

Note: If you are opting for this method, then you will not need the batter. Instead, you will be adding those spices to the grated potatoes themselves. Also, do not add any water.


We have to mix the flours as mentioned above and spices to make the batter. Next, add water to it carefully, or else our batter will be too watery and will not coat the potatoes. Then, coat the potatoes and fry them until it turns golden brown and has a nice crispy layer.


Heat oil in a pan. If you want, you can use a wok as well. They are ideal for this kind of recipe.

We will saute garlic, capsicum, onions, spring onions, and chillies on high flame for a few seconds. We do not need to overcook them and make them soft. However, a little crunch is required in the vegetables. Also, we will cook them in stages at high flame, so we need to keep stirring them from time to time.
Cooking on the high flame will give them a smoky flavour. It is a common technique in Chinese recipes.

Then will add the sauces and vinegar. Stir and cook them for few seconds again. Then we’ll add the cornflour slurry. We will cook it until the gravy is thick.

Finally, we will add the potatoes. Coat them with the gravy and cook for a minute. Lastly, plate them and garnish them with the spring onions. The dish is ready to be devoured now.

One can even have it along with french fries. You can make a little more gravy and use that gravy as a source with the french fries.

Tips For Aloo Manchurian:

  • You can give any shape to the potatoes, but the one we did is an easy choice.
  • Add Kashmiri red chilli powder to get a brighter colour in the batter. It is optional, though.
  • Rice flour can be a substitute for corn flour, in case you do not have corn flour. It will assure crispiness.
  • You can substitute red chilli sauce with schezwan sauce.
  • Use all-purpose flour to get thickness in the gravy if you cannot make cornflour slurry.
  • If you want, use a little bit of sesame with the potatoes and saute for a minute.

Go ahead and give the regular potatoes a delicious twist.