Soya Chunks Manchurian is an adapted version of the Chinese Manchurian we usually eat. It is an Indo-Chinese recipe with the main ingredient as soya chunks.

However, the Chinese Manchurian that we eat is the Indian version. I mean desi Indian Manchurian.🤣🤣 Okay, jokes apart, whatever it is, we all enjoy. We like eating it even if it’s the desi version of authentic Chinese Manchurian.

We all like spicy & masala dishes. Moreover, Indian recipes are pretty famous for their teekhapan & variety. With this in mind, we are sharing a unique recipe today. Let’s take a quick look at it.

What is Soya Chunks Manchurian?

You get crispy soya chunks Manchurian when you coat soya chunks in cornflour & ginger-garlic paste to fry in hot oil & saute them in ground spice & masala powders. Here soya sauce, vinegar & tomato sauce adds the required flavours.

Spices & masala powders differ in this recipe depending on individual taste. But, all in all, whether it is soya chunk or cabbage, Manchurian everyone loves to eat.

Okay, now it’s time to cook. First thing first, assemble all the ingredients. Let’s do it.

Soya Chunks Manchurian Ingredients

The entire recipe requires 15-20 items. The good news is each & every ingredient is handy. Either it is in your kitchen closet or at your nearest grocery store. For easy understanding, we have divided the list into sections. Take a look.

Boiling Soya Chunks (2 items)

  • Water – Use normal drinking water. It’s self-explanatory.
  • Soya Chunks – No particular brand recommendation. Make sure the chunks are intact & not in powder form.

Masala Coating (4 items)

  • Rice Flour – It helps bind all ingredients. Moreover, it sticks easily.
  • Corn Flour – The characteristics of corn flour is similar to rice flour. Don’t skip.
  • Salt – Add as per requirement.
  • Ginger-Garlic Paste – Keeps soya chunks tender & adds necessary flavours & aroma.

Cooking Oil

To deep-fry soya chunks. Use regular cooking oil. Avoid ghee and butter.

Tempering (10 items)

  • Cooking Oil – Use regular cooking oil. Self-explanatory.
  • Garlic – It helps integrate a strong, pungent taste & aroma.
  • Ginger – Alike garlic, ginger is a flavourful spice with a peppery & sweet taste.
  • Onion – An integral part of the Manchurian recipe, onions give a spicy & mild sweet flavour.
  • Green Chili – Either slit or chop your green chillies. Don’t remove seeds.
  • Spring Onion – The flavour of spring onion is similar to onions. Wash them, chop & then add.
  • Red Chili Flakes – Instead of chilli powder, we will use flakes. They elevate the overall taste & texture.
  • Soya Sauce – Add soya sauce as per the measurement in this recipe. It’s bitter, salty & sweet at the same time.
  • Vinegar – Incorporates a tart & acidic taste. Moreover, it keeps your soya chunks soft.
  • Tomato Sauce – It has a sweet, acidic & umami taste. Umami means “essence of deliciousness” in Japanese.


The green chopped spring onions add a peculiar texture to the final product. Even the street food vendors endorse such a legacy while serving. However, lemon juice is optional. Instead, you can spray vinegar for a tarty taste.

Henceforth, the item list concludes here. It’s time to cook & after that, serve. Let’s get started.

Cooking Soya Chunks Manchurian the Chinese Style

The overall cooking process is a bit longer because there are various steps in it. Starting from gathering ingredients to serving, you will find yourself occupied. The cooking is bifurcated into parts to help you in the process. Then, we will proceed with the process. Here we go.


Boil soya chunks in hot water. Do not over boil, or else they will shatter. Check soya pieces whether they are soft or not. If yes, then remove & rinse them under tap water. Keep aside & cool them.


Coating your soya chunks is a necessary process. Do not skip rice flour or cornflour. They will make a dry but sticky coating on the surface of soya chunks. This layer will prevent soya from burning in hot oil. Moreover, it also helps other spices mingle & bind nicely with each other & finally on the soya chunks.

Deep Frying

Add rice flour & cornflour coated soya chunks in hot oil in batches. Don’t add everything in one shot. Instead, give them some room to fry properly. Keep the flames low or else the soya pieces will shatter & burn.


Since we are making Chinese Style Manchurian dishes, the tempering will be similar. Therefore, it is essential to realise that tempering is a continuous process. With this in mind, first, collect all the ingredients and after that begin the procedure.

Add each item one after the other. Saute properly till you smell their specific aromas. The flame must be medium-high, or else garlic will burn & induce a smoky taste. We don’t want this to happen. Burnt garlic cloves are neither good for health and nor for our recipe.

Adding Soya Chunks

Finally, add deep fried soya chunks to the Chinese Style Manchurian Tadka. Mix everything like there’s no tomorrow.🤣🤣

You can even practice some pro-level chef skills here to impress your loved ones.🤣🤣 I mean juggling spatula or onion bulbs or, say, sauce bottles.🤣🤣 Okay, jokes apart, don’t try anything risky. Just focus on soya chunks Manchurian.


We are almost ready to decorate our desi Manchurian with spring onions. The best part about decorating this dish is sprinkle chopped spring onions. That’s it. Your Chinese Style Desi Soya Chunks Manchurian is ready. Serve hot.

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Hence, that was it with the soya Manchurian recipe today.