Soya Manchurian is an adapted version of Chinese Manchurian we usually eat. It is an Indo-Chinese recipe with the main ingredient of this recipe as soya chunks.

We people are a fan of the Chinese dishes we get to eat in restaurants or the streets. They are not restricted to those familiar dishes we know the name of. Instead, there can be many dishes with and without the experiments to this cuisine.

Soya Manchurian recipe can be either dry or with gravy. Although, the dry version of this recipe is more preferred as a starter. Whereas, the gravy of it is usually served with rice dish or noodles.

This recipe is a better option than the regular Manchurian recipe. Because of the use of soya chunks in it, the protein content is abundant in this dish.

Moreover, it is a vegan recipe too, and extremely healthy recipe. So you need not worry about compromising with your diet. You are going to get delicious taste along with health.

Also, these soya Manchurians will be a bit chewy and crispier to bite. So one is going to have a pleasant experience of this recipe.

It is advisable to soak or boil the soya chunks before deep-frying it. You can also pan-fry or shallow fry the soya chunks in place of deep-frying them.

This recipe can be an excellent inclusion for the party food or as a snack. And maybe, it won’t be a bad option to have in your lunch boxes even.

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