Tamarind Corn Chaat is a very unique and mouth-watering chaat recipe. It has a crunchy texture and is sweet, tangy, fiery, and spicy in taste.

Generally, when we think of a snack consisting of corn, the first thing that pops in our minds is popcorn. This chaat recipe of corn is a different and nice change to regular corn snacks.

Here we have boiled and then fried the coated corns. But if you like, then you can also grill the corns. It will be a healthy option for you and will also give a smokey flavor and aroma to the recipe.

Tamarind corn chaat is very different from regular chaat we eat on the streets. Those chaats are served with the ingredients still raw. Here in this recipe, the ingredients are cooked perfectly, along with the spices, and then presented.

The tamarind in this dish gives a nice tart to your taste buds and ginger and garlic will give sharpness to it. Even curd can optimize in this recipe to give you more tanginess.

You can even adjust the proportion of the flavors in this as per your tastes and likings. Just change the measures of the spices, tamarind, and sugar accordingly and you have your personalized tamarind corn chaat.

It is a great option to throw in your tiffin boxes or just to have your stomach filled. Your tastes buds re surely going to have a blast with this recipe.

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