Filled with the goodness of cheese, the potato cheese balls are an easy-to-make snack. They are a quick and fuss-free starter recipe and incredibly delicious.

These incredibly delectable potato cheese balls have a crispy crust on the outside. They are not too spicy and slightly tangy because of the lemon juice in it.

You can, however, increase the spiciness of the snack as per your liking. Even you can try to make it sweet though it tastes better spicy.

The ingredients in this recipe are also experimental. You can add chopped vegetables like capsicum, onions, carrot, or cabbage. Or you can add chaat masala, Maggi masala, or pav bhaji masala to give it a street food feel.  It will also make it zestier for your taste buds.

Tomato ketchup is the go-to for having this tasty food. But you can also try it having with green chili sauce, Mayonnaise dip(if you like), cheese and mustard dip, or cheese garlic deep. It will go well with everything.

Mozzarella cheese is the best to use to put it in this snack. That will make it more enjoyable to eat. You can give it an elongated shape as well, like a mozzarella stick snack. But it will be slightly tricky to keep the cheese in the middle while rolling the stick.

This food can be an excellent addition for starters at parties or get-to-gathers for your guests. Or to have a leisurely snack to fill your stomach.

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