Cheese Pakoda is a delicious and cheesy variation of our typical pakodas. The outer layer will be crispy in contrast to the melted cheesy inside.

They are straightforward and quick to make. Your taste buds are definitely going to have a party eating this.

There can be many ways to make this cheese pakora. With some alterations here and there, you can manage to make a different version of this snack every time.

This snack will be best with hot tea or cheese dip, ketchup, chilli sauce, or mint-coriander chutney. It is great to make for quick kids’ snacks or their tiffin box.

It will taste best and will be most enjoyable when eaten hot. Otherwise, the cheese will be solidified if it gets cold.

Variations For Cheese Pakoda

Now this recipe is unlike any other regular recipe on the internet. But every chef has their own way of making this dish so you can’t come at us for making this our way. Moreover, this has a similar look to vada but there is no potato in here. Besides, the balls are dipped in besan batter and fried which makes them a pakoda.

Talking about variations, as mentioned above, everyone makes this their own way. Hence, you are going to find a number of things different with every recipe.

The typical way of making a cheese pakoda is by cutting the cubes and dipping them in besan batter and frying them. The batter contains spices and sometimes rice flour to make the outer layer crispy. If you prefer, you can make it this way.

Another way to make this is by adding vegetables to the batter. Mostly onions are preferred for this. Do not add tomatoes to this. Carrots or capsicum can be chopped and added to the batter. Along with the spices, ginger is chopped and added to the batter as well. Then bite-sized pieces of cheese are cut and dipped in the batter before deep frying them.

Lastly, comes our method. This is the most uncommon method to make this pakoda. This is also easy to fry and makes a great starter.


  • You can use any solid cheese. Mozzarella cheese is the next best substitute for the snack. Just keep in mind to adjust the spices with the taste of the cheese you are using.
  • Similarly, you can also add grated paneer to the mixture. You may need to adjust the spices accordingly.
  • Add some veggies like carrots or capsicum. Just chop it as small as you can.
  • Be careful while adding salt to the mixture or batter because cheese already has its own salt.
  • Also, make sure the batter for coating must be thick. Or else, the cheese can melt and sputter in the oil while frying.

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