Mint Coriander chutney is refreshing, green color, and tangy with each bite. One can serve it with appetizers or starters to enhance the overall flavor of the food.

It’s a perfect accompaniment with paneer starters and gives you bursting flavors in the mouth. Also, it’s spicy as well and serves with various snacks too.

You can enjoy this chutney with your sandwich as well. You can store it in the airtight container for a week. It makes your simple meal interesting to eat. Also, it’s very popular in India and everyone prepares at home.

Prepare this with ingredients like coriander, mint leaves, ginger, peanut, lemon, salt, and green chilies. You can also a pinch of black salt in it to get it in the best form and even tamarind juice for tangier flavor. The best tip: Lemon juice will help the chutney stay eatable for a long time.

It’s getting ready in 5 minutes and you can enjoy it as spread or sides with your meal like tikkis, dhoklas, and whatnot.

Many of the Gujarati cuisine recipes are incomplete without coriander mint chutney. Moreover, street foods like vada pav, samosa, and chaats are also incomplete without this chutney and makes your food tastier.

Coriander mint chutney is versatile and one can use it in every chaat possible.

Some important things to consider:

  • Make sure the paste is thick.
  • If the paste is not thick, add extra fresh coriander leaves and grind it once again.
  • Do not add mint leaves or else the chutney will be over tangy in taste.
  • Moreover, extra mint leaves will over flavor the whole mixture.

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