Masala Chhaas is a simple yet popular refreshing summer drink made with curd and spices as main ingredient. Moreover, it is also healthy and light as well.

This masala chhaas is not just about its taste. It is also a great and healthier option to cool yourself off from the scorching heat of summer.

You can make this drink even if you are not a skilled cook. It is rapid, easy, and fuss-free. All you need to do is blend everything, and it’s done. Isn’t it so simple?

Here we are tempering cumin seeds before adding it to the drink. However, you can skip this if you want. There won’t be much difference.

Some people do not blend the ingredients but crush them. Ginger & curry leaves are usually not used when crushing the ingredients, and coriander/mint leaves are chopped.

You can also mix buttermilk with curd instead of water. Rock salt or black salt is also an excellent alternative to simple table salt. You can either omit or increase the chilies in the recipe.

This drink helps with the digestion of food. Therefore, it is an excellent appetizer. Gujarati people drink this with the majority of their food. It also keeps you from getting dehydrated.

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