Lemon Mint Drink is very refreshing, tasty drink and perfect for summer parties. Blend up some fresh lemon juice and fresh mint along with a pinch of salt and sugar. That’s it. Hardly takes minutes to make this awesome drink.

It is a perfect summer coolant. A sparkling juice to boost your energy & mood for the day. Balances water content of the body and keep you hydrated.

Lemon & mint both works magic together. Drink every day to freshen up your mood after a whole day of hard work.

Great for those working in field sales. They can carry this super drink with them while on the field and maintain their energy levels.

When it comes to iftar, this lemon mint drink wins the table. There are many juices but if this juice is there people tent to bent towards it. After a long day of fasting, just rejuvenates you instantly.

Both have their own health benefits. Check out here:

  • A better way to clean and intoxicate your body.
  • Makes your skin glow.
  • Saves you from sunburn.
  • Helps you lose weight.