Lemon Mint Juice is a summer coolant. Of course, we all know that but wait, there’s something more to it. Along with being a natural coolant, it also has a set of health benefits.

The Health benefits of natural mint & lemon are upfront. From modern medical science to traditional Ayurveda, everyone believes this fact.

Now that everybody believes it to be refreshing & healthy, let’s get into complete details. Here we go.

Why Lemon & Mint?

When we crush mint leaves & mix with lemon juice with water & ice cubes, we get super cool for summer. For sweetness, there’s sugar powder or sugar syrup. Additionally, we can also season it with white salt or rock salt.

In short, lemon juice, sugar, salt, water & mint together gives you one popular natural refreshment—the lemon mint juice.

Why Add Sugar Syrup?

The first thing to remember is that sugar is for sweetening the lemon mint juice. Adding more or less depends on your taste profile.

On the other hand, you can even choose whether to add sugar granules or sugar powder. Both of them are perfectly fine.

The third option is to add sugar syrup. Just melt sugar granules in water & boil till the mixture is thick. Preserve the syrup in a glass jar & use it to sweeten your favourite beverages.

Okay, everything’s nice & smooth till here. But what if you don’t want to add sugar & still make it sweet. Let me tell you how you can do this.

How to Make it without sugar?

It’s easy. We have healthy substitutes for whole white sugar—for example, honey. We know honey is a natural sweetener & contains ample health benefits. So honey is a mainstream ingredient to replace white sugar. But there’s one more.

It’s rock sugar, aka मिश्री in the Hindi language. In Gujarati, they call it સાકર. The name rock sugar is due to its small rock-like structures. You can grind rock sugar to powder or directly add it to your lemon mint juice. Either of them is correct. It’s just that whole rock sugar will take some time to dissolve.

Note: If you are using honey, make sure it is pure. See that it doesn’t contain artificial sweeteners. Let me help with selecting pure honey available online. Here’s a guide on how to choose pure & best honey. Refer to it before purchasing.