Phalsa juice also is known as Indian berry juice and is one of the refreshing drink you will ever have. It is made from phalsa fruit berries crushed with water & with sugar syrup.

Phalsa is a small purple berry fruit with high coolant properties. Seasonal fruit and not easily available everywhere. During summer it is available in the market but that too in very less quantity.

It is sweet and sour in taste & has an amazing pinkish texture. A quick treat during summer days. Looking to make something new this Ramadan for your iftar, try this amazing juice and surprise your family members.

My family members lover Phalsa very much especially my mom. We eat them raw as well as juice during the season. Regularly consumption of this juice helps you build your body in good shape.

Health benefits of Phalsa juice:

  • Helps you build strong bones.
  • Relives stomachache.
  • Prevents diabetes.
  • Improves your heart health.
  • Great source of antioxidents.
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