Instant Green chili and ginger pickle is a marination of ginger and green pickle along with spices.  People in Punjab make this pickle and is a staple accompaniment with food. This pickle is easy and takes very little time.

North Indians prepare this pickle in the winter season. The ginger in this is known for its heat-retaining capability. Therefore, it is all the more suitable to have in winter.  And that is why you will find it in every household in North India.

Recipes like instant green chili and ginger pickle are hard to find in restaurants or anywhere else but at home. This pickle is also a great option to use in gaining heat while having food.

Even though it is quick to make, it is best if you marinate it days before you want to eat it. By marinating it for a few days, the flavor of the pickle will be enhanced immensely. The ginger will possess salty and tangy taste, and the zing of the chilies will be increased.

This pickle goes well with rice dishes, specifically pulao. It also tastes good with curry, lentil soups, and even kaati rolls. Measurements for the ingredients is up to you. You can use any chili you want; however, if you are a fan of chili than it is recommended to use small Thai chili rather than simple ones. You will surely feel the heat on your tongue for hours you eat.

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