Maharashtrian style garlic pickle is an easy-to-make pickle recipe with a burst of spicy, sour, and salty flavors. It is sure to be your favorite if you are a fan of pickles.

In Indian cuisine, pickles are an essential accompaniment and is a must with every meal.  They are great for adding to and enhancing the flavors of any meal. Therefore, you are going to find multiple recipes for just these pickles in India.

Generally, garlic is added in small quantities in chutneys and pickles for flavoring purposes. But, here in this recipe, garlic is the main ingredient, with a simple and delicious pickle recipe.

Some people like to add green chili for more heat and spice, but it is totally optional. Moreover, vinegar is also add on in this. It increases the shelf life of this pickle. If you do not like too much saltiness and spice, you can balance it out with adding jaggery. It will then have all kinds of possible flavors.

Here, garlic is not cooked directly. So it will still possess the rawness and natural sharpness. To avoid that you can cook the garlic pods in some oil before making this pickle. Or can even mature the pods in the heat of the sun.

Maharashtrian style garlic pickle will not take long to prepare as well. However, you may need to keep it in storage for over a week to mature completely. You can use any sort of oil, depending on the taste you want to have in it.

You can serve this pickle with any type of meal and any given time of the day. This is a great recipe to give your taste buds a different flavorful experience.

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