Masala Aloo Green Beans Sabji is an easy-to-make dish made with minimum ingredients. This dish tastes, spicy very good, and delicious.

This is a dry vegetarian recipe. It does not require too much water or liquid. This is a nice and filling dish to have when you want something easy and tasty to eat. It’s quick and ready in minutes for guests and loved ones. Also, this recipe is rich in nutrients like protein, carbohydrates, folate, and iron.

Usually, very few people are actually fond of green beans. Or most of the green vegetables if we think about it. But this combination of french beans and potato is sure to change their minds regarding this vegetable.

They will also come to relish it. But if this vegetable is really not to your liking then you can make the same recipe with capsicum instead. It will make no major difference and it will taste just as good.

Masala aloo green beans sabji is nice comfort food and with potatoes being the versatile vegetable. And vegetarians will have absolutely no problem eating this dish.

Adding a little bit of pav bhaji masala to this dish will enhance the flavor of it up to ten folds. Or if you like it tangy, then add amchur powder as per your requirement.

Serve this recipe with roti or even puri. Having it with curd can make it more enjoyable. And this recipe is ideal to eat at both during lunch and dinner.

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