Spicy potato sabzi is a unique and easy-to-make delicious recipe. You can easily pull off this potato recipe without any difficulty.

If you are a fan of Indian food but are wary of your own cooking, or just don’t like to cook elaborate dishes then this recipe is a perfect solution. This simple yet filling dish is enough to make your hunger cramps disappear. It does not take many ingredients and is not at all hard to cook. You might even like cooking after this.

Potato is a staple food ingredient. We prepare it with almost every kind of vegetable or recipe since it is extremely versatile. We do have it in every household and at any given time.

The way it is prepared here is unique and gives delicious flavors to the otherwise bland potatoes. And the coriander paste added to it will give the dish a beautiful green color as well as flavor.

This spicy potato sabzi recipe tastes best with rice or even with chapati. You can have it any time whether at lunch or dinner.

This potato recipe is a healthy option to serve on any occasion and to your guests even. It also delivers a bonus for you. It is a vegan recipe. So you need not worry about anyone who is a vegan.

Tips For Spicy Potato Sabzi:

  • You can reduce the number of whole spices and replace them with a spice mix powder.
  • This recipe can be made with whole baby potatoes as well.
  • Skip the coconut if you don’t like that. However, it is recommended for more texture and flavours.
  • Some people add mint leaves with coriander. Add them if you want but not too much.
  • Squeeze a lemon in the sabzi for some tanginess. Or curd can be used as well. These ingredients will balance the spices as well. Don’t add too much as tomato contributes to the tang as well.

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