Veg Soya Keema is a popular and excellent substitute for vegetarians in place of meat keema. The main ingredient in this recipe is soya, which is also a very healthy food.

The process of making this veg soya keema recipe is very similar to that of the meat keema. And when you have a look at the soya mince, it will be hard to differentiate it from meat mince.

Many times vegetarians are mocked by non-vegetarians. They are told that they are missing on so much fun as they don’t eat meat. Now, with this recipe, you can get back at them. You can also say that a vegetarian does have their way of enjoying food that way.

The soya chunks are finely chopped and ground, and so it enhances the taste of the recipe. This dish is ideally served with roti or chapati and is a complete set of meals. But you can also have it with flatbread or just plain bread.

Soya is a healthy option and is also rich in protein content. Moreover, it is also a dish that won’t be a problem for vegans to devour. So you are in a win-win situation.

It is an ideal dish to serve during dinner, though. Because it is easily digested, so it is better to have it at night time. This way, your stomach won’t disturb your sleeping.

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Soya Manchurian is similar to Chines Manchurian. The cooking process is almost the same with a small difference. We need to coat and deep fry the soya balls to make them look like Manchurian balls. Click to watch the recipe video now.
Soya chunks are good for cardiovascular and also it is cholesterol-free food. My mother prefers eating soy instead of any all-purpose flour food items.