Aloo Egg Curry is a delicious and spicy Indian curry. It is a perfect choice to serve to surprise guests as it is quick and easy to make.

Egg dishes are trendy in India. One will find several varieties of dishes consisting of the main ingredient as eggs. We are going to it in dry as well as gravy form.

Aloo Egg Curry is one such variation of an egg dish. Goes well with rice, naan, pav, or chapati. If you want to have it with pav or chapati, then the curry needs to be a bit thick.

A similar version is available in Bengali cuisine. The dish is made using their five spices crushed together, and mustard seeds are tempered to make the curry. It is also a bit sweetened with sugar.

Assamese also have their version of this curry called Aloo Konir Dom. They typically eat it with steamed rice. In comparison, their version looks red hot and spicy. It is very similar to what we are making here.

Adding crushed dry fenugreek or curry leaves is also an option. It will enhance the flavor and aroma of the dish. But we are not using it as it is entirely optional and as per your choice. Likewise, you can experiment with this recipe as per your taste.

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