Drumstick Egg Masala Curry is a South Indian recipe. It is easy and is made with less fuss.

No special ingredient is required and is ready with a limited number of things. This Andhra style Drumstick Egg Masala Curry is a healthy and filling dish. Since drumsticks are loaded with minerals, protein, and iron, it increases the nutritional value of this dish.

It’s called Murungakkai Muttai Masala initially. Since drumsticks is a vegetable that is commonly consumed in South India, you will find many recipes with them. Kodi Guddu Mungakaya Kura is one such recipe similar to this curry.

This dish is nice to have with sambar, rasam, or thayir sadam. Else, it is also great to have with bread, roti, or chapati. If you want to eat it with rice, then keep more gravy.

Be careful not to overcook the drumsticks. They tend to split open if they turn too soft while overcooking. Moreover, the eggs are to be put at the final stage, or the dish’s texture may not be right. One can have this dish even without the eggs, as well.

Usually, onions are chopped and tempered in oil. But we are making a paste of it instead. Both methods are acceptable.

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You can enjoy it with hot Roti and some salads. This will be the ultimate curry of your life.