South Indian Curd Rice / Thayir Saadam, is a staple food of South Indian included in their daily diet. A simple yet very healthy rice recipe that you can choose to sort your digestion disorders.

When not in a mood to have a heavy lunch or dinner, curd rice is the perfect food. This can be your first choice when you actually are tired of all day’s work.

I also call it a time-saver recipe, simple process and it is done. Just steamed rice with plain curd, urad dal, mustard seeds & chilies.

The curd aids digestion, a stress buster, helps lose weight and also rich in antioxidants. Great choice for school, work or travel.

The taste of this South Indian Curd Rice is so yummy that no one can deny. Light on stomach and kids gonna love it. When it comes to food, kids are very choosy, but this is curd rice will always be their favorite.