Apple curd rice is a rice and curd recipe. We have already published a series of curd rice recipes like Beetroot Curd RiceSouth Indian Style Curd RiceCurd Rice for Independence Day, Republic Day Garnish etc.

This recipe is a fusion of dairy products with fruits. Furthermore, the fusion mixture is tempered using common spices. In short, fruits, nuts, spices, herbs and curd are mixed well and BAM! Your apple curd rice is ready to serve.

What exactly do we do with curd, rice, fruits & spices?

First thing first, this recipe is a side dish as well as a condiment. On top of it, it is also a mildly sweet and healthy dessert.

Yup, it’s healthy because there’s no cheese, maida (all-purpose flour), extra butter, etc., in it. So either has it in morning breakfast or with evening tea. You can also pack the same in office or school lunch boxes.

Everything’s fair in love, war & apple curd rice.🤩 (Okay, I know it’s a lousy joke, still bear with me 🤣)

Back to the recipe now.

The best part about the recipe is it’s easy to make. Even an amateur cook (like my elder son emoji) can make. Having said this, let’s prove that a novice can make this recipe. We will start with the ingredient list.

Your Apple Curd Rice is:

  • A fusion mixture of dairy items with fresh fruits.
  • 100% guilt-free breakfast. Anyone can have it.
  • An evening snack as well as morning breakfast too.
  • Easy to cook. It’s hassle-free—no complex procedures.

The bottom line is – apple curd rice is a fatafat, jhatpat & chatakedar dish.

The secret to making the tastiest apple curd rice

Boil rice and allow it to cool down. Next, mix rice, curd & apple separately in a clean bowl. By doing this, the curd will not cuddle & become watery. Make tadka in a separate pan. Once the tadka is ready, let it cool down from hot to warm.

Once everything thing is in the bowl, gently combine the mixture. Avoid mixing rigorously. Just cut, fold & combine. That’s it. Okay, let me tell you what will happen if you don’t follow the above process.

What happens if you add curd to the hot mixture?

Adding mixture to a hot pan or kadhai will destroy the texture. The curd will heat and react with other items. Soon it will start boiling and release water, making it look like Gujarati kadhi. Hence, don’t do this.