South Indian Style Curd Rice is a blend of a staple and comfort food of South India. It is a simple yet healthy and delectable rice dish of South Indian cuisine.

This South Indian Style Curd Rice’s actual name is Thayir Saadam, daddojanam, or bagala bath. This food is generally for putting as an offering to the Gods during Puja.

When you are not in a mood to cook or have not much time for it, this recipe is great to try. It is also great to keep cool in the heat of the summer. Moreover, this recipe is easy to digest so that it can help in case of digestion disorder.

South Indian Style Curd Rice is a fuss-free and straightforward recipe. So it is an excellent recipe to silent your hunger pangs without much effort and time-wasting.

One can also take this for lunch to your workplace or school. Curd is great for keeping cool, digesting, helps in weight loss, and has antioxidant properties. Hence, it makes this recipe a perfect choice when you don’t want to have too much in your stomach. It is light on the stomach.

Adding dry fenugreek will make it more aromatic and flavoursome. Besides, use brown rice to make this and the health quotient will increase significantly. Just adjust the water level accordingly. The rice should be soft and mashed.

Enjoy this delectable dish with papad, podi, or pickle.

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