Beetroot Curd Rice is a hybrid form of traditional prasadam in Telugu. Simple curd rice is what they call daddojanam in the Andhra Pradesh state of India.

It’s a delicacy offered to god. If you google curd rice or daddojanam, the results will include Andhra temple style prasadam recipes.

Okay, now we know what curd rice is. Let’s make a non-traditional version of typical Andhra style curd rice. One more thing, this curd rice is healthy too.

Beetroot Curd Rice vs Simple Curd Rice

There’s no significant difference except beetroot & fruits here. I guess the making process is the same as well. If you go through the ingredient list & compare them, you will see minor changes. A couple of items were added or excluded.

In short, it depends on your taste & how you prefer eating curd with rice. It’s all in the taste. Since we are talking about ingredients, then why don’t we refer to them one by one? Huh?

Things Added To Beetroot Curd Rice

This recipe is a classic mixture of curd, rice, spices, fruits & veggies. If you are dieting then, this is a guilt-free snack. Eat as much as you want and keep shedding those extra pounds.


Typical spices like salt, black mustard, cumin seeds & curry leaves are used. A significant portion of these spices is for tempering, including urad dal & peanuts. Read further about why urad dal & peanuts are used.

Urad Dal & Peanuts

Split & dehusked black gram lentils, aka urad dal & peanuts, give a nutty flavour. I often discuss nutty flavour in tempering. In the dahi poha tadka recipe, I have explained why lentils & nuts are good in tadka.

Ginger & onion with Green & Red chilli

Ginger & onion adds tenderness, whereas green chilli adds spicy flavour. Moreover, I prefer using green chilli whole or paste instead of dry chilli powder. Even if I have to use the quantity is always less. Red chilli is to make the tadka a bit teekha.


Rice is the base ingredient here in our beetroot curd rice. Use plain rice from your kitchen closets. Do not overthink whether to use basmati rice or lachkari kolam. There’s no restriction. Use the one that you are using daily.


With curd, there’s milk too. You can skip the milk, but using it won’t spoil the taste. On top of it, milk will add a distinct flavour to the recipe without hindering the taste & texture. So, go with it.


Sugar in beetroot curd rice is for a mild sweet taste. And because of this, the quantity is reduced to only one tablespoon. On the contrary, you can also skip the sugar altogether.


After milk, the curd is another base ingredient. Since we are making beetroot curd rice, it is evident that curd would be a necessary item. Don’t use khatta dahi. Use thick curd and avoid the curd water, or else it can make your beetroot curd rice watery.

Cucumber & Beetroot

Both of them are heavily used in salads. However, beetroot is our star ingredient here. Therefore, don’t skip beetroot or else the recipe will be a bowl of plain curd rice. Another reason behind using beetroot is the baby pink colour.

Yes, the light & soothing pink texture of this curd rice is because of the beetroot. The more beetroot you add, the more pink-ish it will become. The taste & colour matter here. Use beetroot as per your taste profile.

Pomegranate in Beetroot Curd Rice

Pomegranate is simply for garnishing. The khatta-meetha taste of this colourful fruit adds a unique look to the overall recipe. White curd dyed in baby pink with red pomegranate toppings is aww-mazing emoji. Try it yourself.

Along with being eye candy, this beetroot curd rice has something more to offer. Let’s see what it is.

This Beetroot Curd Rice is:

  • Religiously significant in the southern parts of India.
  • Healthy, a guilt-free snack and a tasty breakfast item as well.
  • Ridiculously easy to make. No fancy ingredients are needed.
  • The best thing to make when you are like – What shall I cook today?
  • A recipe that includes spices, dairy items, veggies & a lot more.
  • A perfect blend of khatta-meetha taste that kids are gonna love.

Now that you know the ins and outs of this recipe, let’s try making it today.