Curd Rice is a delicious traditional easy-to-make recipe of South India. We also know the same recipe by thayir sadam, daddojanam, or bagala bath.

Usually, people use pomegranate arils, cucumber, curry leaves, or cashews for garnishing. But here, we are giving a touch for Independence day by splashing the tricolors using carrots and capsicum.

Curd Rice is a recipe that is consisting of cooked rice, curd, and tempered ingredients. It is comfort food and is an everyday meal in South Indian households. It makes a perfect option for a tiffin box or lunch and also is excellent in summer.

Typically, south Indian people eat it with podi, papad, or pickle. Besides having it as comfort food, they also make this for offering to God in pooja and distribute it as Prashad to the devotees. The method to make it for both purposes is different and different ingredients are at use.

While tempering green & red chilies, chopped ginger, some herbs, and curry leaves are used. But we are using a bit different ingredients here. One can add dry fenugreek leaves as well.

Keep in mind not to use stale or leftover rice to make this. That will be quite unhealthy to eat. Also, they should be soft after cooking and mashed as well. Brown rice is a great alternative to use. It will increase the health factor of the dish immensely.

According to the South Indian people, it is a superfood that fulfills their daily nutritional needs and is an extremely healthy meal. It also helps to fight against the heatstrokes during summer because of curd or yogurt’s presence in it.  Furthermore, it improves when we use onions and cucumbers in the dish.

This simple, authentic meal is a great option to have when you need to cook something and are short on time. The best part is it will be ready effortlessly and without much fuss.

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